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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Bloated Tuesday..

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today is a public holiday!! Went to my inlaws with my wife in the morning for a birthday party and ate all day!! Geez I feel so bloated!! I was there the whole day sitting and eating and smoke and sitting and eating.. And the cycle goes on haha!! Couldn't help myself .. the food was fantastic!! I've got an advice from a friend from way back.. "Never turned down a good meal. You may not enjoyed such privilleges tomorrow." And I took it literally LOL.. Aside from that, nothing much though.. One of my cousins came down to my house later tonight because he's got some problem with his pc.. Well nothing much you can do when the board's processor slot is fried :) Asked him to go and get a new board for his pc..

I wanted to log in to my MMORPG game server tonite but the connection to the server is very bad and until now I still haven't managed to log in.. Too many people are online I guess :( I think I'll give it another try later on and if it is still to congested, well I guess I'll call it a night then..

Still haven't figured out yet on what to do tomorrow though.. I'm not keen to stay home and let my off day ends just like that.. I think I'll head down to Low Yat and get the DVDs that I'm suppose to have on Monday.. Just hope Underworld: Evolution and V for Vendetta (or is it V for Vedd hahaha) is out on DVD9.. Since Low Yat have their own mobile center, I think I'll get a screen protecter for my Nokia as well.. Hate it if the screen get scratches due to my negligence behaviour hehe..

Uhmm.. that's it for me now.. Want to give it another try to log in to the game server.. As usual, today is one fine day :)

"The mind is the greatest weapon."
- Onslaught, Combaticon Commander

posted by vedd, 11:57 PM


Just make sure u dun makan until u become blimp...

Geli la wei...

Can i borrow you V for Vedd dvd? I haven't watched it la...
commented by Anonymous J-Ding, 11:42 AM  
yeaa .. rite .. more calories more n more .. until U be a summo wrestler
commented by Anonymous baksoto, 4:45 PM  
>J-Ding said...
>Just make sure u dun makan until >u become blimp...

No I won't :)

>Geli la wei...

Don't la be geli :P

>Can i borrow you V for Vedd dvd? >I haven't watched it la...

Cannot - its stricly for private viewing with my wife *wink* *wink*
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:53 AM  
>baksoto said...
>yeaa .. rite .. more calories
>more n more .. until U be a summo

I hope I won't :)
I hope I loose some KGs
I hope I got a six-pack on my abs :)
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:57 AM  

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