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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Goofing around with Photomatix 2.5

Thursday, July 26, 2007

As I said in my earlier post, Photomatix 2.5 introduces a number of new controls and features. What I can say is that using version 2.5 will be quite a learning curve. Yes I am still testing and playing around with the features but I think I'm getting there.. Below are some of my so-called "test images" and am quite happy with it. What do you think :-)

This one is an old shot taken when I was at Damansara Specialist Hospital. My kid was having a slight jaundice and we decided that it's best for him to be left under that UV light machine. I've previously processed this shot in HDR but doesn't quite make it. Under version 2.5 it is way way better. I guess those new features are great!

Porch Top Garden

Now the below shot was taken when I was at Batu Caves. Bugger my legs were trembling when I reached the cave entrance at the top - total of 272 steps! I am a bit disappointed though because I decided not to bring my tripod along - it's bloody heavy! Most of the shots taken inside the cave was bad and unusable - lots of camera shakes (low light.. what do you expect hehe and my hands are not that sturdy enough to hold the camera for 1 seconds without a single vibration)

Looking out

Now this image is a single RAW HDR. I know there are people who want to try Dave Hill's style of photography and decided why not I try it myself. Heck, it's not even close compared to his hahaha .. Just a vain attempt to self satisfy oneself. Maybe with a bit more practice I might just get it hahaha (laughing at myself)

Look straight at the camera

Lastly, I am a FlickR addict. Period. And Yahoo just made my day by releasing Yahoo! Go. More POWER to FlickR please! Ohh this is a non HDR shot and I do check FlickR via 3G - quite a lot :-)

Addiction made sexy

Hmmm what's next for me to shoot? Any suggestions ladies and gentlemen? If you need a buddy on your photog outing, lemme know hehe... Maybe I can tag along and terrorize your day hahaha joking!


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New version, Newer controls

Friday, July 20, 2007

Photomatix 2.5 is out as a stable release. Unlike previous releases, this one contains a huge amount controls. As I would like to say it - lots of control, a HELL LOT trickier to control! I couldn't help thinking, at this point of time, that the previous 2.4.1 was much better and straight forward. BUT it must be for the good or better. It's probably just me who still doesn't really understand and figured out what those controls and setting really do hahaha! I guess my eyes and brains are going to work overtime for a few days :D But what I like the most, at this point of writing that is, is that the EXIF data is preserved - although not complete but it's nice to know :-)

Here are a couple of shots in HDR, processed (more like goofing) in Photomatix 2.5. I will be adding more pictures soon (when I totally figured the settings and controls hehe).. Ohh by the way, decided to stop by at Batu Cave - you know, where that gigantic golden statue stands.

... and I swear, I won't bite... PROMISE!

Monuments of Mother Nature

More coming!


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A short update to the previous one...

Friday, July 13, 2007

As the title says, this is just a continuation of the previous post. I guess I have quite a lot of HDR images that I like lately... Probably the conditions these few days were just right for HDR images.. :-)

This is dedicated to the HDR fans out there who visits my small presence in the World Wide Web ;-)

Cultural Palace

Cultural Palace

"Silky Blue" is what I prefer to call this one.

Yes, as I mentioned in my previous post about the feeling of being in Kenyir or Banding at a location in Kota Damansara - the below image will explain why :-) (Excuse the the image quality, at the time I shot this the overall condition sucks big time - haze + overcast morning = bad, bad image)

Do you have the same feeling like I do?


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When the Sun sets...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lately I've been photographing sunsets... The sky, colors, clouds and the sun itself are beautiful elements that I just can't resist. Took this in Putrajaya, with Ab4h not too long ago :-) He has his own sets of Putrajaya sunset in HDR. And to Ab4h - Welcome to the world in HDR hahaha!

Blue dusk over Putrajaya

The Mosque

The sun was still up and shines over the mosque

People enjoying the scenery

The sun setting down in Putrajaya

More to come! By the way, I've discovered an awesome place right in Kota Damanrasa. It's scenery is just breathtaking and I can't help thinking that I was in Kenyir or Banding. It is just beautiful and I'll be posting it next.

To see what other people said about these pictures, or you want to add you own, click on them.


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