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Living life at its best

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A short update to the previous one...

Friday, July 13, 2007

As the title says, this is just a continuation of the previous post. I guess I have quite a lot of HDR images that I like lately... Probably the conditions these few days were just right for HDR images.. :-)

This is dedicated to the HDR fans out there who visits my small presence in the World Wide Web ;-)

Cultural Palace

Cultural Palace

"Silky Blue" is what I prefer to call this one.

Yes, as I mentioned in my previous post about the feeling of being in Kenyir or Banding at a location in Kota Damansara - the below image will explain why :-) (Excuse the the image quality, at the time I shot this the overall condition sucks big time - haze + overcast morning = bad, bad image)

Do you have the same feeling like I do?


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posted by vedd, 10:07 AM


I love the first and last picture..
Damn nice!...

Ye la.. macam tasik kenyir la...
bila nak pi ni??
commented by Anonymous abah, 3:22 PM  
I love the last pic....again u maintain the real colour although dah gedebak gededuk buat hdr....

Ilike it when u do the hdr thing but then u still maintain its real colour...not too fake and not too simple...

nanti nak suruh abah ajar pastu cikgu tlg check ok
commented by Anonymous The Queen, 10:39 AM  
Abah & Queen: Temasey! Nanti outing lagi jom :)
commented by Blogger vedd, 10:24 AM  
I love the Istana Budaya photos! I love photography but the camera too canggih la...tak mampu nak beli..heheehe..
commented by Blogger Cosmic_GurL, 1:01 PM  
cosmic_gurl: No need to spend a lot la bam... Decent P&S cameras like the Sony H* series or the Canon Powershot S* series are good enough... and it's not that expensive... last I check it is somewhere between 1.5k...
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:58 AM  
hi there! got to know abt ur blog through mama nina (LV's wife).

anyway, are u saying that my canon powershot A710is can do this kind of shot too? do u mind telling me how u manage to capture those beautiful skies shots? so lawa!
commented by Blogger fudge, 9:06 PM  
fudge: Thank you for dropping by :-) I apply High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging technique to almost all of my shots and am glad that you like it..

To answer your question - Yes.. it can. Technically as long as the camera has exposure compensation, it is able to do HDR and your powershot A710IS has that with a standard -2 to +2 values. What I'm not sure about A710IS is that whether it has a feature called Auto Exposure Bracket (AEB). If it has, it'll be a lot easier. If not, you will definitely need a tripod to do HDR :)

But.. that is technically speaking. If you are referring to Image Quality, well that is a different story all together as there is a huge difference between SLRs and P&S hehe.. Even my PowerShot S3 IS can't compete head on with my EOS 400D when it comes to image quality :-)
commented by Blogger vedd, 12:19 AM  
wow! that's really cool. i'm checking out some sites now, on making hdr photos using gimp. thanks vedd. :)
commented by Blogger fudge, 1:49 PM  
true true.. gambr cantik camera mahal. x de duit woo.
commented by Blogger Farahz, 4:24 PM  
fudge: I don't think GIMP can generate HDR.. I know Photoshop CS2/3 can but it sucks big time.. My choice would be Photomatix from HDRSoft or Artizen HDR from SCI.

farahz: hehe but sometimes, P&S do surprise me.. and entry level SLRs is not that expensive (around 2.4 - 2.7k).. BTW, just checked out your blog, I see some interesting shots from you.. nice :-)
commented by Blogger vedd, 6:40 PM  

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