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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Just another whatever...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's been quite a while since I've really used my PC for anything other than downloading images from my S3. Having a camera sure as hell changed the my daily routines hehe... No more online gaming, in fact I hardly even played any games at all - be it offline or online... Most of my time are spent browsing the Internet for photography techniques and forums on cameras. I must be out of my mind hehe... in a good way actually. No longer am I spending long hours in front of the monitor playing games - except mingling with BSD and Linux... and that my friends comes once a blue moon... I guess it's time for me to move on or out, as I would like to say it, from my room and see different things from many perspectives... Hell, even my close buddies are throwing themselve around with cameras haha.. Just love it when your friends are also taking an interest in the same area...

Well ain't gonna mumble anymore... taking some macro/super macro shots for HDR testing! Have a good week ahead and enjoy... Just hope Microsoft won't make the same stupid mistake like MS06-042 and published a buggy hotfix - really made my previous week a kill.

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"Today's Autobots are tomorrow's scrap metal."
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A week of activities (I'm Exhausted!)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is rather a long journal entry, considering it's a week long of activities. Bare with it.

Unlock yourself at Avillion (13th - 15th August 2006)

Sunset at Avillion, PD.It's a company trip attending a training to unlock your potentials in the company's organization (and life too). Venue was at the Avillion, Port Dickson. Two trainers were flown in from the UK. It's fun and kinda different from the normal trainings (at least the ones that I had previously). I'm not gonna go into details about it though.. But I do find the Avillion is a very nice place to be but I ain't going back there if it's on my own expenses :D (it's a huge atomic bomb to your wallet if you gonna choose the water chalets!). The room was fantastic - imagine you have a bed + another bed by the window, your own balcony on top of the sea and when you use the shower - take a peek below, the ocean is beneath you :D

Avillion, PD.Aside from that, the way they arrange the botanics was pleasant and relaxing. The beach... uhmm well what can you expect from Port Dickson and the Straits of Malacca :D No crystal clear water mate! And that on the first day, the condition is not that good - quite heavy on the haze. Couldn't take a decent sunset shots. The second day was better, not much haze and got some nice sunsets. Wished my wife was there to enjoy it with me though.. She got an appointment on the 14th and thus was unable to join me there. I've reached KL back on the 15th around 6.30PM - tired but enjoyed the training/trip. God! By the next morning, I'll be driving to Damai Laut near Lumut...
Not sure whether I can still pack enough energy to drive there...

Damai Laut (16th - 17th AUgust 2006)

Damai Laut.After having enough sleep (sort of.. still sleepy actually) we drove to Damai Laut and reached there around 4pm. Tired, we immediately checked in and call it a day... nothing interesting actually.. The room was not as good as we expected, although it's big but.. uhmm... how I should put this.. it was rather uninspiring. To top that up, the location is no where near any town - completely remote and secluded. BAD. Bad to us since we're not prepared - getting dinner and lunch will be tough (unless if we opt for the hotel food, which we want to avoid). The room service is also not that good, asking for a hair dryer which did not even come! No safe for keeping valuables, no extra pillow (the pillow provided is more like a baby pillow) and the room was not that clean either... At least the iron came in fast :)
In the end, it was not a good place if you are not prepared and didn't really find the exact location of the place :D It's partly our fault also when we did not do a little research of our own hehe
Lumut Township.For the most part, we spent the time mostly in the town of Lumut. The 'Mee Udang" there is delicious! And manage to squeeze a few shots while we were there..
On the second day, we decided to cut short our stay in Damai Laut and decided to head to Taiping. My hometown! Yea! This is partly because my wife is not feeling that great and that she has develope a crave for 'Laksa', which we used to have when we were back in Taiping... So late in the evening, we drove to Taiping...

Taiping (17th - 19th AUgust 2006)

Life around the house.And around 8.30pm we reached Taiping... Didn't went straight to my father's place, instead we head straight to the usual place where we had it previously but to our dismay, it was finished. After that, we drove around town, in search of "Laksa" and we managed to find one - but the taste was awful! So we decided to went back to my father's place and call it a night...

The next day, nothing much happen - took the car for some alignment and balancing, replace the front tyres and go get the "Laksa". On another thing, I've never really paid much attention on my father's surrounding until I got myself a camera - it was full of life and activities, insects, lizards, my father's bonzais and a lot of other stuff.. Nice for practising my shots hehe

The next day, took the car again to the workshop to replace the timing belt - I forgot to change the belt and it was overdue hehe.. and because of that, we were delayed going back to KL...

Kuala Lumpur (19th August 2006)

Reached KL at 12.30am and made a stop in Tapah R&R for a while to rejuvenate. Reached home and not long after that dozed off to dream land...

Keramat (20th August 2006)

Happily Married.My parents along with my brother and his wife arrived at my place. We're attending a wedding reception of one of our relatives. But I had another plan - an old friend of mine is also holding a wedding reception over at this place, which is so happen to be nearby... So I mingled around a while and left my parents there and head straight to my friend's place... PJ a.k.a. mindless was also there (by the way he also just recently bought an S3) and we had our share of the meal :D

Not long after that, we were taking shots of our friend hehe... Baksoto was also there along with zigg and Bal... Went back to fetch my parents later and went back to my place - get ready for work and by 7pm, I was there in the office - TOTALLY EXHAUSTED!! Lucky there weren't major tasks to be done that night :)

After work (21st August 2006)

Blurred, Bored.Went back home and sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep!

So there you go... my life in a week long of activities... and I'm still exhausted but well worth it!

Gallery is available at Flickr.Com.

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"Beauty lies in the ViewFinder"
~ me, whatever.
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Of Just cause :D

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Here goes:~

  • Just for the sake of telling that I still exist :D
  • Just that been busy playing with my S3 :D
  • Just seems to be that less time is spent on PC after owning a PowerShot S3 :D
  • Just another 1 1/2 days more to go before beach week :D
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Just another day...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

... to start my weekend (Yes, my weekend starts today). Not working until this coming Saturday... Got a few things on my mind already that I want to do but I presumed mostly will be spent with my 'toy'. The work schedule has been finalised (at least for this month) and looks like I'm working for 13 days only for the month or should I say the next 4 weeks - starting from next Sunday... I think I got it all planned out (and planned for me) for the rest of my non-working days :)

Next 2 week will definately gonna be a beach day... will be spending 2 days somewhere in Port Dickson for a company course and the next 3 days will be spent at Damai Laut with my wife. Yeah.. again it will be the month's getaway/vacation/relaxation(honeymoon again?) for us hehehe... Definately a beach (not bitch ok!) week for me! hehehe

Bahhhh... I don't have the mind and will to write/type anymore on this post for now, so if the mind and will comes back, I'll add more to this post. But I wouldn't bet my money on it hehehe... Just wanna enjoy the day and laid back relaxed :) Ohhh.. I have something special to share for you guys and grrls who reads my posts, but then I'm keeping it until I come back from my so-called beach week... So until then Cheerio!

the-[v] signing off... (too damn lazy to quote anything at the moment)

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