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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Weekend's Getaway (to Bukit Tinggi)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Just came back from our vacation or honeymoon or relaxation @ Bukit Tinggi Resort Colmar Tropicale. Was there since Sunday and came home today, Monday. It's not that far, actually it's about 45 minutes drive from Gombak Tol. Just a beautiful place but from my point of view, it's not for those seeking for some rough/adventure activities but more like for those who just want a peace and quite getaway.. And I might say that it is also not a place for kids (infants excluded since they don't know(bother) anyway hehe).. I would say that it's a place more like made for couples who do not wished to disturbed :)

As for my wife and me, well we enjoyed our stay there - mostly since we carry a camera around... So it's busy snapping that snapping this hahaha!! Well, not gonna type anymore, enjoyed the pics...

More pictures are available here. (Used up my free bandwidth of the month at Flickr.Com.. Looks like I'll be upgrading to Pro account soon hehe)

My main album is here.

I've decided to re-locate the album to picasaweb@google for now.. Until I decided/ready to subscribe to Flickr.Com (Maybe next month).. So until then do drop by at my PicasaWeb@Google.

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"I destroy Autobots by choice, not by command."
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A geek and a camera...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Finally, managed to "test drive" my new toy - Canon PowerShot S3 IS. I was attending a company course and decided that I should take the toy along since I've never had a real chance to play with it since the day I bought it... and the verdict - I just want to shoot and shoot and shoot and start shotting again...

Hehehe and the playground was KLCC park, since that is the only place that I could think of :D But the condition was not at its peek, what do you expect it was raining in KL hehe

I particullarly like the super macro mode - close ups! Really really close like 0cm lol! Was there around 3 hours and took 137 images - but mostly were not that publishable (I'm a newbie)...

Just want to say that "The world around us is much more beautiful when seen through a lense, something that we didn't appreciate with our own eyes." And I just realized it.. But I realize also that I'm no photographer, just a geek with a camera..

More "test drive" images are available here! :D

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Sunday Glory :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

.. Tis was a very beautiful morning. Just arrived home from work. Streaks of light rays marked the awakening of the morning sun.. I'm sounding like Shakesphear hahaha.. Ok enough about that.. Arrived home quite late today since I left my office around 7:20AM.. When I reached home, the morning sun was beautiful (at least to my eyes that is).. Take a quick snap and headed to apartment.. So after that nothing much except that I went for my beauty sleep (yes, since I didn't sleep the whole night at work)... Woke up around 1PM and smelled something delicious :) Yea my wife already cooks lunch! So the two of us sat down and enjoyed our meal

Late in the evening, I went out with my wife.. well actually sending my wife to her fitness center is more like it hehe.. while I went window shopping at Low Yat and Sg Wang after that.. Got my eye fixed on something - something that I really wanted :) Done with the window shopping, went to a car wash ... for a car wash obviously :D.. The car was looking like something from the WRC tournament hehehe... Soon after that, I went back to fetch my wife and we drove back to Sg. Wang hehehe

Why do we go back to Sg Wang? Take a good look below!!! w0000000000ooOOOoOTtttTTT!!

At last! At last! I got it! My own Canon Powershot S3 IS!! It is in my palm!! Wahahahahaha!! Though was thinking about getting a DSLR, but after reading some forums it seems that S3 IS is well suited for my needs (and capabilities of course!) hehehe..

Well that's it... My Sunday Glory. Hahahaha couldn't be any better :D

P/s: This week will be a very busy week experimenting with the Powershot and Flickr.Com will be busy receiving my photos haha

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Currently fantasizing: "All the beauty things just waiting to be captured. Hehehe"

"I'm no photographer, just a geek with a cool digital camera"
~ me, with PowerShot S3 IS
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Weekends for me

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Just started my weekend yesterday (Yes, my weekend starts on Monday)... Didn't go straight home to sleep after 12 hours in the office (alone) hehe.. Just want to enjoy the "Monday Mood" by going 'jalan-jalan' and 'lepaking'... After dropping my wife at her office, made two stop at different banks for bill payments and straight to KL which was by then the traffic have really eased up..

So decided to have (more like late)breakfast at Istanabudaya, since it was in the neighbourhood... Met a few friends whom are working there and 'lepaking' with them... Stayed there until lunch, since the it is a late breakfast, so might as well continued on with the lunch as well...

Oh yea, if you happen to be in the area, it's a nice place to hang out. If you prefer nice and quite place that is ;)The food, well I can't say that it's superb but it's OK and it's CHEAP! hahahaha (that's the main reason I go there actually hehehe)

Today is cool day - raining cats and dog at my house. Just woke up actually and I can't resist going back to the zZZZzzZZ land... so have a nice day all (Weekends are just great for me hehe)

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7.4.7 - It will be something more than meets the eye!

Friday, July 07, 2006

More than meets the eye!! That's all I can say! I know most of you knew about it already but... I could not stop myself from sharing it with all the Transformers Die Hard Fans!!! I am a DIE HARD fan of the Transformers (especially Generation 1 and Generation 2)... Nothing! I repeat... NOTHING can stop me from watching this movie... Come what may I don't give a fuck as long as I am in the movie theater watching it!

I grew up with watching The Transformers and I fell deeply inlove with them (Decepticons Rules!)... I even have a small collection of them myself, mostly Decepticons, and yes, they are still in their boxes... Too valuable and too adorable to open it!


People will say that I'm such a small kid, but that small kid what makes life more enjoyable (at least to me)... Certainly Movie of the century. Move aside LOTR, Spiderman, Superman (although the Return is awesome), Batman, F4, Blade, X-Men (I wish I am a mutant), the Transformers is "THE" movie. I can say that the syndrom is pretty much like the Star Wars Syndrom.. Heck! Even some of the guys (and girls) in the office are talking about it and how they grew up with it (and the collection that they have... hehehe) I am for once glad that there are many followers!

There are strong rumors that Scorponok will appear in the 2007 movie!! Dang! I'm getting more impatient by the seconds... Read about it at this site and supposedly they got a leaked trailer.. (dunno which trailer they meant or is it for real, haven't checked it out yet)

Although I'm a Decepticon fan, but what the hell.... "Autobots! Transform and Roll Out!" hahahaha... but I just love it when Megatron says "Constructicons! Merged for the kill!" in Transfomers: The Movie (Animated)....

Ahhhh the wait! The wait is killing me!!!!! Huarghhhhhhhh!!! WTF?!? 1 more bloody year to wait?!? hahahaha

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"Wait! I still function!"
Megatron, "Transformers: The Movie"

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Night of the MySEQticon g00ns!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This post is dedicated to two of the MySEQticon goons - Gmie and Slash, who are leaving to somewhere in the Middle East in pursue of their careers. It'll be somewhat filled with images and typings so I guest it'll be a long scroll down and bare with it.

Details: Farewell Dinner
Location: Terminal Seafood Restaurant
Date: 3rd July 2006
Time: Somewhere between 8:30PM till 12.05AM

It is one of the best times I had with the g00ns - after leaving the company somewhere in 2003. Well, actually none of the us, not a single g00n, are working with the company now anyways.. But the relationship and the bond goes well beyond than just collegues and office mates. You see, unlike most people, we started as buddies, long before we even work together as collegues. And most of known each other through the a world that we know as the Internet. Yes, we came from different backgrounds, but we share the passion and interest in technology - specifically speaking, information security.

Guys, we've been through the bad, the worse and the worst of times together and yet we shared all the good, the better and the best of life as collegues and better yet as friends. It's something hard to get these days... Remember when we use to be on Undernet Relat Chats? Always looking for some ways to best everyone else and smoke up everyone else's machines (things like Mass Land and Auto Nuke? Hahaha those were the days)

The days we had in the company, from working to just plain hanging out, will sure stay on in our memories. Having ciggerettes breaks at the staircase, babe-watching at Kak Yin's 'kedai kopi' (and later on we had to shift to spices of life and the other mamak restaurant when every single babes starts to choose alternate routes to avoid being stared at? Hahahaha)..

Remember the first time Ayob came for interview? How nervous he was? hehehe... How the group grew with Gend00t, Bomba, Ciku, Orhan and Meera joined the ship? Atoi, Jojo, Jerantut, Alan, Peyjal, Wan as well? How Anin's 'singgit' claims was? Remembered the incident we had with Pak David? hahaha those were priceless man! We had a share of our difference and turmoil as well but in the end we pulled it through... Heck, I still remembered how fast the Dell's server was! Gmie and I got the first ASUS notebook?

All I can say is that, being there at the dinner, stirred some good old memories indeed. Still remebered how Gmie trashed and sent the message "You are so farking screwed!" to that guy we 'loved' so much - EvenFlow. The infamous EvenFlow chat logs! hahaha (A damn good example of how bad sharing the whole C:\ drive to the Internet is! hahaha)

To the founders:~ Pai, PJ, Semi, Gmie and _______ (I don't feel like stating his name here and you guys know why), it was my utmost privilage to have founded an entity with you guys. Something that I will always treasured.

To the early generation:~ Ayob, Ciku, Bomba, Peyjal, Jojo, Ayul, Atoi, Gend00t, Meera, Alan, Zaidi, Wan (both of them), Orhan, Ramlan, Atan, Tayar, Slash, you guys are the best of of mates

and techies! We take the world by death on flaxen wings! (b00m b00m b00m!)

To the later generation:~ You guys know how it felt, right (aside from all the fucking problems, it is still the best of collegues that you will have.. I know I feel that way)..

And the last but not least: To the two g00ns, Gmie and Slash, All the best in your life (and don't forget about the belly dancing chicks - send us a pic or two!)

So this is it... it's been an honour to work with you guys... I don't think I'll find another in this life :D.. And the dinner was something to remember (Hopefully there will be others :D)

You know something? How about getting our asses together for ONE BIG get-together: MySEQticons + #LEP + #X-LEP + #Bungaraya? Pretty much covered everyone right? hehehe just a wish :D

Signing off...


  • The whole gallery is available at this link.
  • I'm thinking of sending Gmie and Slash to the airport. Anyone to join? Let me know.

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Weekend's pr0n yabbing...

Monday, July 03, 2006

It's Saturday. And I'm scouring the net for something which is news worthy. I found this - a statement of Ohio University with regards on information security (reported by the good old SecurityFocus.Com folks). It seems that the president of the university was totally pissed off by his staff when it comes to information security. Here's a snip on the university's news article:

“As president of Ohio University, I am angry and embarrassed by the computer security system lapses that were undetected before my time as leader of the university,” said Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis. “Everyone associated with Ohio University deserves the highest level of accountability and best practices standards. While we cannot correct mistakes of the past, I am determined that the university will learn from these oversights and make the appropriate changes. The university’s administration will aggressively implement the independent report’s recommendations, which will ensure that all appropriate measures are taken so that lapses do not occur again.”

And it continues on the immediate action taken by the university, which I think is the most approriate thing to do:


  • Based on the report’s recommendation, the university has suspended the Director of Communication Network Services (CNS) and the Manager of Internet and Systems pending the completion of a disciplinary investigation. The suspended individuals will be provided an opportunity to respond to the findings of the report prior to a final determination that could include termination. Two consultants have been brought in as interim management support to augment the Central Information Technology Management Team on an immediate basis. A new position of Chief of Staff to the CIO has been created, and a national search will be conducted to fill that position.
  • A restructuring of the entire central Information Technology (IT) organization has begun. The result of this restructuring will be the establishment of clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. The new organization will ensure that security is properly provided at both central and distributed levels and that all team members are focused on supporting the entire university and its stakeholders. By the end of the month more than 90 percent of the central IT organization will have been involved in some form of restructuring.
  • The three individuals who were placed on administrative leave May 5 will return to work based on the report’s findings.
  • The university will immediately begin to define the roles and responsibilities of all technology owners across the institution, both centralized and distributed IT, to ensure that the university has a highly secure and well-managed technology environment.
Makes me wonder what do our instituitions will do if such cases happens here (in which were proven so the many times that I lost count)?

Well enough about that... Just started my weekend today... Don't have anything planned yet for today except that little bird which keep yelling to my ears to go to Low Yat again and hunt some DVDs. I've yet to watch V for Vendetta... I'm so outdated! Yes! I know! But nowadays I prefer watching DVD rather thatn going to cinemas - the sense of re-runs just gets the best of me, especially when the weekend is long :D (Plus my darling wife is working on my weekends *sighs*)

Last week was a good week for me... Why? I got my confirmation letter! Yea! Which means I get to use the company's house/car loan facilities - where can you get a company who is willing to subsidies your loan huh? Working at nights for the past 2 weeks was enjoyable... (Yes, when there's hardly a thing to attend to) err except for the Qmail thingy, but that is of a different story...

This week and the week after.. well pretty much of a holiday week I must say. 3 days holidays per week, and working on Saturday and Sunday, well... nothing much as well (God! I love my job!).. Ohh by the way, there's rumor that we will be working for 13 days a month soon (3 days working 4 days off for 3 weeks and 4 days working with a 3 days off for the last week) - SWEET! I MUST GET THE BLOODY POWERSHOT SOON! Otherwise I'll be biting my nails of figuring out what to do on the next day hehehe...

Well time to grab a lunch bite of... Uhmm haven't really thought on what to have for lunch *bump*...
Aaahhh not a big problem anyways... Enjoy life as it is (and start capturing the moments of it! Go get a digi-cam for crying out loud!)

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