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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Sunday Glory :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

.. Tis was a very beautiful morning. Just arrived home from work. Streaks of light rays marked the awakening of the morning sun.. I'm sounding like Shakesphear hahaha.. Ok enough about that.. Arrived home quite late today since I left my office around 7:20AM.. When I reached home, the morning sun was beautiful (at least to my eyes that is).. Take a quick snap and headed to apartment.. So after that nothing much except that I went for my beauty sleep (yes, since I didn't sleep the whole night at work)... Woke up around 1PM and smelled something delicious :) Yea my wife already cooks lunch! So the two of us sat down and enjoyed our meal

Late in the evening, I went out with my wife.. well actually sending my wife to her fitness center is more like it hehe.. while I went window shopping at Low Yat and Sg Wang after that.. Got my eye fixed on something - something that I really wanted :) Done with the window shopping, went to a car wash ... for a car wash obviously :D.. The car was looking like something from the WRC tournament hehehe... Soon after that, I went back to fetch my wife and we drove back to Sg. Wang hehehe

Why do we go back to Sg Wang? Take a good look below!!! w0000000000ooOOOoOTtttTTT!!

At last! At last! I got it! My own Canon Powershot S3 IS!! It is in my palm!! Wahahahahaha!! Though was thinking about getting a DSLR, but after reading some forums it seems that S3 IS is well suited for my needs (and capabilities of course!) hehehe..

Well that's it... My Sunday Glory. Hahahaha couldn't be any better :D

P/s: This week will be a very busy week experimenting with the Powershot and Flickr.Com will be busy receiving my photos haha

Currently listening to: "State of Love and Trust" - Pearl Jam
Currently reading: "Canon PowerShot S3 IS Manual"

Currently fantasizing: "All the beauty things just waiting to be captured. Hehehe"

"I'm no photographer, just a geek with a cool digital camera"
~ me, with PowerShot S3 IS
posted by vedd, 10:14 PM


blah la..
kata mau angkat D50!!!... :P

Waiting ur photos with the new gear.. :)
commented by Anonymous abah, 9:18 PM  
abah: Hahaha jangan marah aa.. D50 naik harga daa.. kalau aku angkat D50 aku tak dapek nak boli aksesori (tripod, lens, batt-charge etc etc).. hehe tapi tak pe.. tgh reserve utk D70s.. ok?

Biar aku belajo dulu dgn S3 IS hehe

commented by Blogger vedd, 10:40 PM  
Woohoo! Congrats! At last dapat jugak... :P
commented by Anonymous Nina, 9:15 AM  
nina: tenkiu! hehe but still couldn't take some shots since am invlove with company training till thursday !*bump*!

Maybe I'll bring along to the training center hehe

commented by Blogger vedd, 8:31 PM  

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