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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Of the thing that and wonder what it use to be...

Friday, June 30, 2006

The thing that:~
  1. will get us ensured of our survival...
  2. will get us into working our ass out - day in, day out...
  3. will get us married these days...
  4. will get us the best of our needs...
  5. will get us go into war and harmony, at the same time...
  6. will get us determined our success and failure...
  7. will get us the status of our life...
  8. will get us anywhere we want...
  9. we wish we had more and more of it...
  10. will get me my PowerShot S3 IS...
Ever wondered:~
  1. how much RM10.00 is worth back then?
  2. how much we can buy with RM0.50 during our school recess time?
  3. how much our parent's first car cost?
  4. how much our parents make when we were kids?
  5. how much we have spent during our life as a human being?
  6. how much our parents spent on us?
  7. how much it brings us sadness?
  8. how much evil it brings out of us?
  9. how much a "teh tarik" and "roti canai" cost back then?
  10. how much we are an addict of it?
  1. I just woke up and feeling a bit hungry... realizing that I had only RM5.00 in the wallet...
  2. Looks like I'm taking a walk to the ATM first.
  3. Congratulations to Ab4h for his 3rd(?) baby :D
  4. I just had a dream about D70s... Sheeeshh! Pathetic!
Currently listening to: "Mayonaise" - Smashing Pumpkins
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Currently fantasizing: I just had a dream about D70s ok?! So the pathetic!

"Desolation follows my trails."
~ Scourge, Decepticon Sweep Leader.
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Nang Butinang Kui Butikui!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fuck... That day my monitor died, and now the bl00dy speakers died.. zZzzZzz No sound coming from the sub w00fer and the 2 speakers.. Nothing, zilch, yada, p00ff!! Not even a freaking white noise!! Sound card is allright - headphone works (pheww) .. Replace the cables from the sound card to the sub w00fer still no sound... Ahh shit.. just when you thought want to play a few rounds games...

Looks like I'm heading to Low Yat later on... Just my day... Can't close my eyes and doze off... Wants to play game but no sound... Want a DSLR but able to get a Powershot only... World Cup: Not my type! What the hell... looks like I'm watching Underworld:Evolution re-runs for today... I think better that I go Low Yat tomorrow morning.. less people and more parking space...

Somehow I just wish I have Nightcrawler's teleportation (minus the appearance of him.. off course). Think of a place - b00m you're there, with a pinch of Wolverine's healing factor and a spoon full of Jean Grey's psi-telekinetics.. It will certainly make my day! Mr. Sinister of the month haha...

Sometimes I wish I was a mutant with those gifts... Read people's mind, eat anything you want and never worried about over weight (also food poisoning), going places with a only a thought etc etc.. Oh well just wishful thinking (dreams?):D

Sometimes it's just nice to dream on...

Ok.. Wacthing Underworld now.. signing off! (Kate is so sexy in those tight rubber outfit! :|~~)

Currently listening to: "Kitchen Ware and Candy" - Stone Temple Pilots
Currently reading: "X-Men: X-tinction Agenda"
Currently fantasizing: Psylocke (muahahaha kidding .. of course my wife le)

"Get hip or get hit!"
~ Needlenose, Aerial Warrior, Decepticon TargetMaster
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Another night of ciggerettes and coke *Sigh*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Of Sleep deprivation

Yeap! It is another ciggies+coke night but tonight is a bit heavier than previous.. During the weekends, I was in a state of forced sleep deprivation (Arghh! I want to sleep!) Going nuts with Qmail installation on FreeBSD-6.1R.. Well not exactly Qmail but SQWebmail (because they want to use it!) and CourierPassd.. Freaking webmail solution from Inter7 won't authenticate valid users!! The QMR site was good - but it still lacks some vital infos! (Like courier-authlibs with MySQL) F*ck$h!7 zZzZZz

But being the decepticon-geek I am, problem is solved - Yea! (Well, I haven't done anything yet but then at the very least I know now where the mother-load root cause of the problem and identified the best solution) Still I won't be able to sleep after I've finished my work here since I need to make the new mail server running by Wednesday.. (Looks like I'm deprived of my geek-beauty sleep for another day *sigh*)
Nevermind, I'll show 'em who's the boss when I'm through with it *grrr*

Of Social Decepticon-Geek life

Well the first installation was coming to a mess so I've re-installed the whole FreeBSD-6.1R again this morning.. After that, I went to my close geek friends (mindl355, Bal, Ridsect, GBam, Semi, Ciku and a few others) office in KL and hang out with them until lunch time.. Nothing much except talking like geeky stuff - most prominent subject was the whole Qmail thing, 3G Phones and 3G connectivity and also Knight-Online - specifically with mindless (since he's the only one who's playing the game). Even got their new corporate T-Shirts from Bal as a gift and a pack of Malboro from Ridsect (Ooopps I shouldn't be smoking Marlboro! haha).. Nothing much after as I headed for home..

Later on I picked up my wife and we went to Sunway Piramid to have our dinner.. Then my wife decided to stroll to MNG store - Why? Because it's on sale hehe (what else)
I realized that Sales&Discounts are synonym with girls/women but then why should I be surprised hehehe... And yes, 96.7% (I actually did count the ratio of male vs. female and get the number) of the human beings that were there was girls/women - made me feel like I'm out of place.. Well, more like I'm in a planet overruned by females :D (Uhmm it's not a bad idea to have a planet overruned by females *wink* *wink* haha but I love my wife the most - wouldn't trade her for anyone/anything else!)

Of 4:01AM

I'm need to complete my tasks now.. But before that, let's have another ciggerettes and a poly-cup of cappucino.. Dangg! I feel like a zombie :/

Signing off!

Currently listening to: "Interstate Love Song" - Stone Temple Pilots
Currently reading: "Googling Courier-Authlib+MySQL+Vpopmail+Sqwebmail"
Currently fantasizing: "My bed, my pillow and my wife" (I am so the zombie)

"25 million people died within 5 years in Europe (1347 - 1352) - Cause: fleas"
~ tr00wa, by any other name is tr00wa
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*Yawns* *Puff* *Gulp* *Yikes*

Friday, June 23, 2006

*Yawns* - I am sleepy tonite at the office... Slumber night.. Starting to doze off into dream state

*Puff* - I need something, someone, whatever to wake me up - Dunhill and Cappucino seems the best of choice.. but wait! The vending machine is off zZzzZzz just when you need it (Murphy's Law applied). No matter Still got Vanilla Coke on the other vending machine..

*Gulp* - Having gassy drink in the wee hours of the nite - bad choice! Burrrpppp (excuse me)..

*Yikes* - Help!! I can't rid of myself of snapping pictures :\ This artisitic and photographic feeling is taking over... That's it - going to get myself PowerShot S3 IS next month.. D70s is way too expensive and I'm not going to change career anytime soon! But.. but.. but.. Oh well S3 IS is good enough for me..

To Ab4h: I'll join the SLR club when I'm comfortable with it :D (Sementara tu pinjam D50 hang bulih? hahahaha)

Currently listening to: "Holy Water" - Soundgarden
Currently reading: *fill in the blank here*
Currently fantasizing: Nikon DSLR D2Xs (Yeah rite.. in your dreams hehe)

"Too blurr to quote anything Decepticon"
~ me, fantasizing Nikon DSLR D2Xs
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The dawn of...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

... a new day for most of us. But where it's a dawn of a new day for them, it's more like dusk of a new day for me (at least until next week that is). I'm on my way home - back to my comfy bedsheets. Curling and dreaming :D

That's it for today - signing off and nite nite!!

P/s: Odd huh? Going through the usual morning mental-stress-maker traffic with an attitude to call it a day when everyone else is just starting their day.. Well you loose some yet again you win some..

Currently listening to: "Missing" - Evanescence
Currently reading: "The lines between the bed sheets"
Currently fantasizing: Duh! I'm still not going to tell you people :P

"Too much destruction is never enough!"
Overkill, Decepticon Warrior
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Of "Teh Tarik" and Ciggerettes and Morning Glory

This is my breakfast in the office in the very early hours of yesterday's morning:~

  • Instant "Teh Tarik" from the the vending machine
  • 2 sticks of Dunhill
Not the choice of breakfast for champions I would say but it serve's its purpose - keeping me awake :D. Hey, it's not that I take those as my breakfast every fucking morning but there are these days that your throat couldn't not accept anything else.. And my last resort - these two :D

Apart from that, yesterday's morning was feeling like an amateur photographer and armed with not-so-lame-in-your-butt N6280 2MP camphone, I took a quick snap of anything that caught my attention :D

Do be warned that I am not iclaiming to be a photographer.. I'm a computer so-called g33k - PERIOD. It's just that I have that snap-snap feeling at that particular time.. You know what I mean right? Righttttttt :D
Bukit Jalil as of 7:31 21/06/06

Though I do have a desire to own a DSLR.. wayyy, wayyy, wayyy back of my head but for now I'm settled with my N6380 ;P

<- Bukit Jalil Stadium Arch

I am not that sure what I'll be having this soon-to-be morning but I doubt it will be instant hot drinks and Dunhill :)

<- Over-blown & Bloated "Taming Sari"?

My wishlist of the day:

  • Powercolor ATI X1900
  • N80
  • Any Nikon DSLRs
  • My K.O. character back
Any kind caretakers out there? E-Games' kind Game Masters are also welcome to free my perm-ban character :D

Currently listening to: "Hunger Strike" - Temple of the Dog
Currently reading: "~/# cat /dev/null > /tmp/junk && grep -i Jessica_Alba /tmp/junk"

Currently fantasizing: Not in any fantasy :P

"I'm lazy to quote any Decepticon l33t3r than you quotes"
~ me, being a lazy pain in the ass geekticon

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You know that I know that we know that etc etc...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You know that:~
  1. you are a smoker when you have this stacked in your computer room :)
  2. you will not be worried about the cost of ciggerettes anymore, no matter how much the price spike is :)
  3. you can throw away the ciggerette that you are smoking after 1 puff (without regreting it as a waste)
  4. you will have your ash tray full of ciggerette buds every day
  5. the company is gracious enough to provide you with your "think-tank needs" (not switching to Marlboro anytime soon)
  6. you have to open the window every time you are in the computer room
  7. you will have smoker friends that will somehow be closer/friendlier with you
  8. you will not complaint if someone "pao" a ciggerette or two from you
  9. you will not lead a 100% healthy life (but then again 99.9% of everything is not that healthy anyway)
  10. if you quit smoking, you'll be making extra cash every freaking month :D
.. but then it's my life and I am living it at its best and I am not complaining one single bit :D

You realize that:~
  1. you owned a camera phone
  2. you are starting to develop a thing or two about photography
  3. you are trying to be artistic about what you are seeing (and capturing it)
  4. you wish you have/own a DSLR with you right now
  5. you are giving a break to yourself (KitKat Cappuccino is awesome)
  6. you love the caffeine
  7. you are in front of your workstation
  8. you are by yourself late in the night
  9. you are not sleepy even though the clock is well past mid-nite
  10. you just have nothing else better to do currently
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Currently fantasizing: My wife (What do you people expect?! I'm married! :P)

"The only Autobot that I like is a dead Autobot"
~ I can't recall who said that but it's for sure a Decepticon said that
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Yada Yada Yoda - Whatever that means

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well, I've been keeping silence for quite some time since the last blog. Not that I don't have anything to type on the keyboard, on the contrary, it's the typing on the keyboards that have taken a lot of my time, along with a few minor setbacks bestowed onto me. But more on that later on (more like if I have the urge to type it down :))

As usual (at least for the rest of this week and next) I am in the office through out the night - ending the day at around 7 am. When most people are starting to work, I'll be curling up on my bed in hopes of a few sweet dreams that will come hehe.. OK enough about that.. It's an old routine boring activity to write it here anyway..

Last week, my beloved 7 years old monitor life finally came to an end - no displays with only a flash of red and greenish yellow blinks on the power button *sob* *sob*. I loved that monitor, been through a lot and served me very well during its service time.. Your devotion and dedication will always be remembered.

As always, that which is lost, shall be replaced and 48 hours later, a brand new 17-inch TFT with 6ms response time came into the room.. Stunningly elegant with a display to cry for!! I was seeing pixels that was not (rather impossible) visible on the old 17-inch LG 775N. The display was at the bleeding edge of a katana sword (although I might be over expressive but I like it so fucking much). And finally I got to see the screen at 1280x1024@75Hz (I know it's nothing for some but.. nahh you know what I mean)

As sharp and stunning the display was, I came to realize that most of the pictures taken with my N6280 (Hoping that my Nokia 6280 will turn into N80 overnight hehe) were not as good as I thought. "Alien-eye-sickening" pixels were scattered around the picture :\. This is when I realize I need to get a D-Lima_Kupang(D50) as Ab4h did. I think I am starting to take an interest in photography - and I blame Ab4h for displaying the beautiful pictures that he has taken! Damn you made me want to go and get the cam tomorrow hahaha.. Anyways i loved looking at your great pictures :) But let me have an understanding of different ISOs first and only I'll get the D50 :D

Talking about phones, an ex-colleague of mine also just bought herself a N6280 also. Welcome to the club! It's a nice phone - and one of the cheapest if not the cheapest 3G phones available from Nokia.. Certainly worth buying if you are looking for an affordable 3G-Camera-S40 phone. Also on this, I accidentally broke the screen cover of my phone not long ago (don't ask how/where/when/who and the sorts) but it's now replaced by a cool silver housing (at a RM120 cost zzzz).. YEA!!

GEEKTICON Notes - A geek Decepticon notes

And now for a more geeky part - building back my LFS was not as easy as I would expect earlier (but then it is not
that easy anyway hehe). A lot of tweaking and modifications needed to be made with other gcc parameters (A lot of Makefiles too if I might add). One common error I've encountered (and the error that I hated the most) is segmentation faults after building the coreutils (imagine running the 'ls' command gives you "Segmentation fault") - these errors are also common when you are playing with custom optimizations tweaks (Not the usually lame -Ox options, where x > 2) and happen during my early involvement in LFS. And as I expected, after much playing around with the rest of the flags, it is solved - Hooray!! Take that you big fat penguin! When I'm through with you, you'll be running around with a six-pack abs!! With that, I have now successfully built my new LFS base with XOrg-7. YES - it's only the BASE, it's not that I spent 24x7 infront of the monitor you know. I still have other great things to attend to in life.. But with the base is completed, the road to victory is much easier (Hope Gnome wouldn't be a pain in the ass).

Moving on to FreeBSD - Yeah, I've only accomplished downloading the ISO image. Have not installed yet but rest assured that it is soon to be installed :)

I'm still short of a Saitek/Logitech G15 keyboard. Anyone who is so very kind to donate it to me? I promise that it will be put to a very good use (haha - good use in gaming that is).

I'm signing off - going out for a "teh tarik".

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Currently fantasizing: Yeah rite! Like I'm telling you people haha

"I am Geekticon - phear me as I am l33t3r than thou"
- Me, Decepticon Geek

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