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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

You know that I know that we know that etc etc...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You know that:~
  1. you are a smoker when you have this stacked in your computer room :)
  2. you will not be worried about the cost of ciggerettes anymore, no matter how much the price spike is :)
  3. you can throw away the ciggerette that you are smoking after 1 puff (without regreting it as a waste)
  4. you will have your ash tray full of ciggerette buds every day
  5. the company is gracious enough to provide you with your "think-tank needs" (not switching to Marlboro anytime soon)
  6. you have to open the window every time you are in the computer room
  7. you will have smoker friends that will somehow be closer/friendlier with you
  8. you will not complaint if someone "pao" a ciggerette or two from you
  9. you will not lead a 100% healthy life (but then again 99.9% of everything is not that healthy anyway)
  10. if you quit smoking, you'll be making extra cash every freaking month :D
.. but then it's my life and I am living it at its best and I am not complaining one single bit :D

You realize that:~
  1. you owned a camera phone
  2. you are starting to develop a thing or two about photography
  3. you are trying to be artistic about what you are seeing (and capturing it)
  4. you wish you have/own a DSLR with you right now
  5. you are giving a break to yourself (KitKat Cappuccino is awesome)
  6. you love the caffeine
  7. you are in front of your workstation
  8. you are by yourself late in the night
  9. you are not sleepy even though the clock is well past mid-nite
  10. you just have nothing else better to do currently
Currently listening to: "Down in a Hole" - Alice in Chains
Currently reading: My mind
Currently fantasizing: My wife (What do you people expect?! I'm married! :P)

"The only Autobot that I like is a dead Autobot"
~ I can't recall who said that but it's for sure a Decepticon said that
posted by vedd, 3:30 AM


My new phone is my bolster now... Argh!!! I feel so GAGA!!!
commented by Anonymous JD, 8:54 AM  
>JD said...
GAGA GUGU GOGO.. I can't stop myself taking quick snapshots whenever, wherever hahaha.. I'm considering to get myself a DSLR.. w00t!
commented by Blogger vedd, 10:05 AM  
cukup2 la merokok tuh!!!..
bayangkan selama ko merokok, dah berapa banyak duit ko bakar..
kalau dikumpul diut tuh.. boleh beli dah DSLR :P
commented by Anonymous Abah, 12:16 PM  
Abah said...
*Snip* *Snip*

Rokok ku di sponsor oleh company :D Sesen duit pun aku tak kluarkan utk beli rokok sekarang hehehe.. DSLR mahal sangat la bah, aksessori pun gila mahal - lense seribu lebih, flash pun seribu lebih.. Gilo! campur tolak darab bahagi ada la dekat RM7k.. mampus aku hahaha
commented by Blogger vedd, 8:12 PM  

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