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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

FreeBSD-6.1R Released!!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

w00t!!! The FreeBSD team has announced the released of FreeBSD-6.1R! (Noticed it a bit late though.. Too occupied with LFS hehe) Another thing to add to my personal daily task aside from my LFS. Wonder if I have the time to test ride it.. FreeBSD-6.0R was fantastic! Hope FreeBSD-6.1R will be even better!! Uhmmm.. I think it's best to complete my LFS first..

Man it is a great day today!! Unleashed the "F" Beast!!
posted by vedd, 5:00 PM


When will be my time to ramble because I'm amused by this freeBSD or whatever thing associated to it like you did Vedd...

I'm no TECHNO CHICas...
commented by Anonymous Didee_Is_CUTE, 9:00 PM  
>Didee_Is_CUTE said...

>When will be my time to ramble
>because I'm amused by this freeBSD or
>whatever thing associated to it like
>you did Vedd...

The time will come when you are pretty much bored with everything else :)

>I'm no TECHNO CHICas...
It's never too late to start being one hehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 9:21 PM  
Mr Vedd, thanks for visiting my humble blog. Mannnn I really wonder who are u? Jap let me exclude the whereabout of my exclassmates; gals ada 5 org jek, so u're not one of them...definitely hehehe.
halil somewhere in sg petani or so.
baron,ben, ketam,anaz, somewhere in Klang Valley.
hanif i met once, kat kedai gambar near kelana jaya.
nikju is in Dubai.

aisheh apsal memory block ni?
please do reveal ur identity. Seronok ni dpt jumpa exclassmate ni.
btw are u active in the YG or only the silent observer?
commented by Blogger FaEzHussain, 12:41 AM  
>FaEzHussain said...
>*Snip snip*

Here's a hint:
If you still remember Syed Putih, I was sitting next to him and that he was also my cube mate in Block B along with Cochrane. :)

Nope.. I was one of those silent YG member and later have my email removed due high volumes of mail flooding my mailbox :)
commented by Blogger vedd, 6:05 PM  
Mr Vedd

I think I guess who you are even before u gave the hints. because i remembered that was one email address in the YG (ages ago) that used vedd as ID.

If I'm right, ur name begins with J right?
commented by Blogger FaEzHussain, 12:39 PM  
>FaEzHussain said...
>Mr Vedd *snip*

Your memory block has gone :)
Yeap it does start with J.
Nice to finally met an ex-classmate in the blogging community!
commented by Blogger vedd, 3:56 PM  
Aku dah pindah...
Check your mail!
commented by Anonymous Didee_Is_CUTE, 5:29 PM  
aduihh,, what happen to U recently your blog silent with no update ... hmm this what they call hot hot chicken shit hmm yeaa I also hot hot chicken shit .. wahhaah
"apologise" I know U bz

commented by Anonymous baksoto, 2:24 PM  
>baksoto said...
>*snip* *snip*

Nope.. Monitor blown, crappy Streamyx line, re-building LFS, etc etc..

P/s: Started to update my blog again daaaa hehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 2:20 AM  

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