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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Sunday Stylo...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

In approximately 6 hours, I'll be in a plane heading to Heathrow Airport in London.. And right now, I am still in the office! Have not slept yet for today - good for me as I can sleep during the 13 hours flight period :) Also I've obtained the omni-directional antenna that I'm supposed to bring along for the trip.. Gmie is definately a saviour tonight - I couldn't find any female N-connector sma cable to attach to the Orinoco WiFi card. Luckily Gmie has one - he even got the necessary piece to construct a cantenna.. w00t!! And also BaL for providing me with the antenna.. n33t!!

But I am a bit pissed of at Ubuntu Linux - since the project in UK is a short notice project, I could not build a LFS system on the notebook, thus I chose Ubuntu since a few of my friend recommends it as a quick solution.. MAN!!! Was I pissed off with the system installation!! There was no bloody freaking GCC that comes with it!!! And GCC is the most important tool that I need for the system zZzzzZz.. It seems that in order to have GCC you got to be connected to the Internet to install it.. WTF!!! I know the rational behind this BUT come on!! Every freaking Linux users needs the bloody GCC installed!! And on the website it says Ubuntu is some African ancient word for something to with being human.. Geezzzz the keyword here is "ANCIENT" and that its build from human for human or whatever it is - reminds me of how imperfect humans are :P

Lesson learned here: You're looking for a cool freaking Linux distro? - make your own!! Or better still get one of those BSD(FreeBSD rocks!!) beast!! And that is one of the reason I love and prefer the BSD beast more than the freaking fat Penguin!! Stupid Penguin - only knows how to make itself bigger, fatter and bloated.

Lucky Monday is a public holiday over in UK. Hope they have like Internet connection over there.. and that I'm able to use it
Signing Off - Still it's a nice day today :)

"FreeBSD will always beat Linux and will always stay ahead of the Big FAT Penguin!"
- me, pissing off at Ubuntu.
posted by vedd, 6:02 AM


Sowwy tak sempat nak berborak ngan ko hari I ko dating ngan penukar uwang...

Shit! That lady is just another MLM fanatic. I hate it very much. Rasa macam kena tipu sial...
commented by Anonymous J-Ding, 6:05 PM  
baper lama gi UK?
tangkap gambar2 menarik
commented by Anonymous Abah, 4:16 PM  
> J-Ding said...
>Sowwy tak sempat nak berborak ngan ko
>hari I ko dating ngan penukar
>Shit! That lady is just another MLM
>fanatic. I hate it very much. Rasa >macam kena tipu sial...

It's OK.. Unplanned and "Shit Happens" LOL
commented by Blogger vedd, 4:48 AM  
>Abah said...
>baper lama gi UK?
>tangkap gambar2 menarik

5 hari jek - working trip.. Check my latest post hehe tapi gambar tak se"sharp" macam kau punya hehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 4:50 AM  

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