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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Blogging on weekend's night..

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Here I am again.. It's been a while after my last "ranting" hehe.. Was to tied up with my LFS (still a lot has to be done hehe).. As of this right moment, I'm in the office until 7AM the next day.. And currently I am all alone (What else is new huh? hehe). Well it seems another ex-colleague of mine from the previous company has given a 30-days resignation notice- All the best in your future undertakings grrrl!! But for me, I ain't going anywhere for a very long, long time!! Really enjoyed working here and planning to retire in this freking cool organization :)

It's nice to hear when every single friends/colleagues from the old days that I knew are doing really well nowadays - back 2-5 years ago, it was a different story! Not getting salaries for 3-4 months is a normal thing, forcing us to find freelance jobs to cover our pockets (Management was pissed off but who the f*ck does he think he is).. and yet, we are still loyal and choose to continue working there (Not me though, I call it quits 3 years ago!! Enough is ENOUGH!).. As it happens, one of my ex-colleagues is currently working here, in the very same department as I am now.. How much more cooler can that be eh? (Nice to be working with you back tr00wa!) Wish the rest of the guys were here too hehe.. but it will be too good to be true..

Anyway, moving on with life, my wife just started her own blogging scene.. hehe - coincidently a few days back she came into my computer room and said that she wanted to start a blog of her own and that I should start also.. Well I told her, "Yang, I dah ada blog la.. baru jek start (with a smile on my face, off course! hehe). So immediately I helped her register with her account and VOILA! She has a blog now hehe.. and today helped her upload some images to her blog..

On another subject, I fell inlove with Logitech's new gamer's keyboard - the new Logitech G15!! COOL ASS keyboard, perfect for my gaming needs (OoppsS.. I do play KO occasionally with a new lame-and-still-low-level-and-not-properly-equiped character :\). However, the freaking ice-cool keyboard is not still available in Malaysia (DAMN!) Another choice will be the Saitek gamer's keyboard (Still frustatingly hard to get here in Malaysia) Though I hope Ab4h can get me one of these keyboards while he is in US (Keyword is hopefully hahaha) Talking more on the subject, I have a sudden urge to perform a hardware upgade on my PC (Another one of my wishful thinking hehe).. Let me see, I need to change the current AGP8X board to PCI-X and PCI-X display (ATI Radeon X1900 XTX is damn cool - Keep on kicking NVidia's butt!!) - uhmmm to much money will be spent, forget it... My ATI Radeon 9800 still rocks hehe..

I still haven't seen Underworld: Evolution, V for Vendetta and UltraViolet.. Went to Low Yat the other day and the DVD shops were closed - as usual, the response that I got was that a check from the law enforcement agency is taking place, zzZzZZz - not a fruitful visit, and in the end, I got myself a DVD burner.. Shocked that the price now is between RM160-RM215.. OMG!! OMG!! That was the price of CDROMs 1-2 years back!!

Err.. I'm getting hungry.. I think I'm going to get something to eat and continue with ranting for today later - provided if I feel up to it.. If not then it is one of those moment to say, "This is it. I'm signing off for today. Life is just damn great in many ways that it may appears! Enjoy the life that you have!" phrase.
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Tuesday Ranting..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today I've got nothing to do.. A boring day - sleeping and finishing my reports. Baught a new Sony DVD Writer during the weekend since my old SCSI CD Writer is no longer working.. Thinking of selling the SCSI card, if there is still any value that is hehe.. It's an Adaptec AHA-2940 Ultra Wide SCSI card.. I'm going to meet Gmie later tonight somewhere in Subang returning his cables and maybe catch up ona few things.. Its been quite long since I really hang out with him.. Back then it was every working day since we were working in the same company hehe..

Tomorrow I guess is an LFS day for me.. My LFS has grown too old - and a overall system update if definately required.. I'm thinking of rebuilding everything back from scratch and make use of the new GCC4 :) It all depends on how productive I will be tomorrow hehe.. At least I got something to do right?

Well I guess nothing much to say for today.. such a quiet and slow day :) Signing off..

"Terror is the stage on which I perform."
Pounce, Decepticon Clone Infiltrator

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Weekend's Blues..

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just got back from London!! It was a trip to remember - working for 3 days at Head Quarters along with 1 day holiday :) What more could I asked for hehe.. Well I arrived at Heathrow International Airport on Sunday 16th April around 6.30PM, got into Heathrow Express straight to Paddington.. While at the airport, met with a fellow colleague of mine and she was on her way to Southampton Office.. Anyway, from Paddington, grab myself a cab to my hotel, which was next to my HQ office along the river Thames.. Nothing much for that day - unpack my stuff etc.. Went to bed early that night hehe.. The next morning, woke up early - around 5AM - and it was bright as if 7.30 in the morning, and that particular Monday was a public holiday as they were celebrating Easter.. Took a quick hot bath and went down for a typical English breakfast.. Then it was off to the London City Center - first stop was Trafalgar Square (hope I got the spelling right hehe) and to my dismay it was under maintenance.

Oh it was cold, around 15 Celsius I think.. Then make my way to Buckingham Palace to catch the change of Her Majesty Life Guard.. While waiting for it, I relaxed a bit at the St. James Park - Man it was beautiful there.. In fact all the parks and garden were beautiful there :) And from there I went on to Westminster - the old Big Ben Clock area.. Lots of people there queing at the cathedrals for easter eggs I presume (I might be wrong though hehe).. One thing I'm always amazed is that the gothic designs of the buildings there - a blend of the old and the new.. If I'm not mistaken, the Brits consider building aging from 100 years and below are new buildings, wherelse the old buildings were aged around 200 years or more..
Well after a full belly, I made my journey accross the river Thames and my destination - London's Eye - a humongous and towering ferris wheel.. along the sidewalks, there were many performers - from escape artistes to human statues and also some "Eye Opener" (if you get what I mean :P) Unfortunately, I didn't went up the London's Eye since it the que was a very long one - I don't plan standing in que for the next 1 hour or so.. so I took the Underground Tube and went to Piccadily (NO! It's not the tea dance disco at Damansara!!!) After a couple of hours there I went back to the hotel - Tired obviously and it will a working day tomorrow anyway.. It was already around 6PM when I reached at the hotel and along the way I've bought myself some sandwiches and pastas as my dinner from Tesco Express (the equivalent of 7-Eleven here but with more food) Watched the TV and soon the TV was watching me haha!!

On Tuesday, at 8.30AM, there I was at the reception counter the HQ office - w00t - I woke up early!! hehe and help myself to some hot tea (Its free of charge) at the cafeteria and went straight up to do my work.. and by 5.30PM I was off to Trafalgar Square, bought me a filet-o-fish meal and went back to the hotel.. Well not exactly in the hotel, hanging out while taking dinner in one of the small parks along the river Thames.. How relaxing it was (If only Malaysia have something like that, provided that the temperature is not always at 30-39Celsius hehe..) Then went off back to my room - still another working day tomorrow..

Wednesday I was extra early at HQ office - need to start work early today and by 5.30PM I was off again.. This time I went to Starbuck, which was somewhere near to my hotel.. And I had some muffins to go with the mocha :) I must say, it was very pleasant to just hangout with a mocha, a ciggerette and a very cool environment.. Anyway, it was not for long as soon after it was drizzling a bit - well enough to make me even more cold than I was hehe .. So it's time to go back to the comforts of my room and call it a night :)

And Thursday was my last day here - still working in the morning and got off at 3PM (Yes! I've completed my work there!), check-out from the
hotel and off to Paddington again :) At Paddington, I decided to leave my luggage at one of the luggage area and hangout around the area for a while (It was 4.30PM and my flight back home is at 10PM).. Bought me some chocolates to bring back home, t-shirts, a snowcap and some memoirs for the family.. Soon I was in the Heathrow Express again back to the Airport.. Arrived and checked in early (To get rid of the luggage that I was carrying around like mad hehe) and had a cup of hot cappucino.. Bought some stuff again there.. and by 8PM I was in the duty free area of the airport already (Lots of "EYE OPENERS" there hahaha) By 9 PM I was at gate23 and not long after that I was in the plane taking off to the Malaysia and reached here on Friday at 5PM ... It was an enjoyable working trip!! and HELL it was DAMN GOOD WEEK for me!! Life is so damn NICE!!

P/S: All pictures were taken from Nokia 6280 2MP Camera (YES!!! I LOVE MY NOKIA 6280!!!).. (Ab4h - hope you enjoyed the pictures though not as good as your US pictures but it will do.. I Hope hehe)

"Beauty lies in the eye of beholder"
Someone said that but I said it first here..
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Sunday Stylo...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

In approximately 6 hours, I'll be in a plane heading to Heathrow Airport in London.. And right now, I am still in the office! Have not slept yet for today - good for me as I can sleep during the 13 hours flight period :) Also I've obtained the omni-directional antenna that I'm supposed to bring along for the trip.. Gmie is definately a saviour tonight - I couldn't find any female N-connector sma cable to attach to the Orinoco WiFi card. Luckily Gmie has one - he even got the necessary piece to construct a cantenna.. w00t!! And also BaL for providing me with the antenna.. n33t!!

But I am a bit pissed of at Ubuntu Linux - since the project in UK is a short notice project, I could not build a LFS system on the notebook, thus I chose Ubuntu since a few of my friend recommends it as a quick solution.. MAN!!! Was I pissed off with the system installation!! There was no bloody freaking GCC that comes with it!!! And GCC is the most important tool that I need for the system zZzzzZz.. It seems that in order to have GCC you got to be connected to the Internet to install it.. WTF!!! I know the rational behind this BUT come on!! Every freaking Linux users needs the bloody GCC installed!! And on the website it says Ubuntu is some African ancient word for something to with being human.. Geezzzz the keyword here is "ANCIENT" and that its build from human for human or whatever it is - reminds me of how imperfect humans are :P

Lesson learned here: You're looking for a cool freaking Linux distro? - make your own!! Or better still get one of those BSD(FreeBSD rocks!!) beast!! And that is one of the reason I love and prefer the BSD beast more than the freaking fat Penguin!! Stupid Penguin - only knows how to make itself bigger, fatter and bloated.

Lucky Monday is a public holiday over in UK. Hope they have like Internet connection over there.. and that I'm able to use it
Signing Off - Still it's a nice day today :)

"FreeBSD will always beat Linux and will always stay ahead of the Big FAT Penguin!"
- me, pissing off at Ubuntu.
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Friday's Ranting..

Friday, April 14, 2006

Pheww.. been a bit busy these past 2 days. But it is still not as busy as previous jobs that I've done hehe.. Well, yesterday I've got my filght ticket.. Looks like I'm departing at 12PM and estimated to arrive in London at 6:10PM. Odd huh? hehe but that's what you get when gone pass the international time zone.. And today I've got my expenses for the trip.. Another thing is that this coming Monday is a public holiday overthere - Easter Day. I've got the whole day to go for a walk and I reckon that most if not all of the shops are closed..

Anyway enough about that, today while waiting for my wife to come, I decided to hang out at center court of my work place - watching fishes swimming by hehe.. But I am amazed to see a few gigantic African Catfishes swimming around.. By then, it was raining cats and dogs!! Freezing cold!

I'll be finishing packing up by tomorrow.. Need to go out and buy some fast food like Maggie or Brahim's hehe..

I think that's all that I got to write for today..

To baks0to, you should get another spot bro :)

"To live is to hunt; to hunt is to live!"
Piranacon, Seacon Naval Assault
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Bloated Tuesday..

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today is a public holiday!! Went to my inlaws with my wife in the morning for a birthday party and ate all day!! Geez I feel so bloated!! I was there the whole day sitting and eating and smoke and sitting and eating.. And the cycle goes on haha!! Couldn't help myself .. the food was fantastic!! I've got an advice from a friend from way back.. "Never turned down a good meal. You may not enjoyed such privilleges tomorrow." And I took it literally LOL.. Aside from that, nothing much though.. One of my cousins came down to my house later tonight because he's got some problem with his pc.. Well nothing much you can do when the board's processor slot is fried :) Asked him to go and get a new board for his pc..

I wanted to log in to my MMORPG game server tonite but the connection to the server is very bad and until now I still haven't managed to log in.. Too many people are online I guess :( I think I'll give it another try later on and if it is still to congested, well I guess I'll call it a night then..

Still haven't figured out yet on what to do tomorrow though.. I'm not keen to stay home and let my off day ends just like that.. I think I'll head down to Low Yat and get the DVDs that I'm suppose to have on Monday.. Just hope Underworld: Evolution and V for Vendetta (or is it V for Vedd hahaha) is out on DVD9.. Since Low Yat have their own mobile center, I think I'll get a screen protecter for my Nokia as well.. Hate it if the screen get scratches due to my negligence behaviour hehe..

Uhmm.. that's it for me now.. Want to give it another try to log in to the game server.. As usual, today is one fine day :)

"The mind is the greatest weapon."
- Onslaught, Combaticon Commander

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Monday Mood..

Monday, April 10, 2006

Unlike most, I am not suffering from the good old "Monday Blues" syndrom.. Why? It's because when everyone is starting their first day of working of the week, I just ended mine at 7AM.. Today along with Tuesday and Wednesday is my so-called weekends.. Not working on these days.. Yeah!! In fact I won't be working on those 3 days for the whole month! And for the price of that, Saturdays and Sundays will be my working days.. Oh well, better 3 than 2 LOL..

And here I am not knowing what to do for today.. Can't sleep either since I'm not sleepy. *sigh*
Anyways, its just what they say, "You win some, you loose some." I reckon that it will be a boring world if everyone is a winner :)

Maybe I go down to Low Yat Plaza later on hunting some DVDs.. Earlier on I had breakfast with Baksoto at a mamak restaurant around his office.. Actually it's in the same area where I used to work before.. As he stated at his blog, there is nothing better to talk about other than KO :) (What else is new? hehe).. Though I'm not spending much time playing KO anymore (well not since my character has been given a permanent ban by the GM for macroing zzzzz.. Arghhh) And this is what I get as a reward for playing for almost 2 years!! But the good thing is, I'm no longer spending too much time infront of the monitor watching like a zombie as my character mindlessy responding to the gameplay :)

Better still, rather than going to Low Yat and spend money there, I think I go give jeramtoi a visit at his office.. yeah much better plan..

So signing off right now.. In any turns of event, something will definately make life great :)

"There are only two kinds of creatures: predator and prey."
- Overbite, Seacon Undersea Terminator
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A wet Sunday morning...

I was on the way back home from the office around 7.40AM.. Guess what it was raining and the traffic was at one of its best moments.. But then again it was Sunday and still very early in the morning :) Today will be an unproductive day.. Can't wait to curl up on the bed and just be lazy for the day!!

It would be even a better day if everyday was like this :) Just a wishful thinking!

"If I want to know what's on your mind, I'll splatter it on the wall and see for myself!"
-- Blitzwing, in "Triple Take Over"
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Going Retro!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm back in the office now and its so tranquile.. Yes it is when there is no one else is here :) And I am not even complaining for what its worth! Hehe... Bought a bunch of snacks that will last the night hehe.. Most of it will be left untouched though.. Luckily the ciggies are provided for free! Earlier on I received an email from a friend which listed out almost all the things that those who were born in the early 70s grew up with! And yes, I grew with all those things too and loved it.. Maybe one of these days I post the actual email here after all since it was so cool. Thinking back, TV series like CHiPs, Space 1999, Buck Rogers, and Battlestar Galactica (The original version) along with cartoons like Challenge of the Gobots, Transformers, Captain Future, Voltron, Thundercats, Silverhawks and a lot others do bring a big smile to my face!

I mean who would not love them.. It really gives a meaning to watch the TV screen.. Although if we were to watch it now, it's probably looks stupid but the fun it brought to us back then is really precious..

It also made me thinks that all those shows were that good and made us as youngsters to stay home and watch it.. Unlike today's programmes which most of it are just plain dull and boring.. In a way, I think it helped us to stay out of trouble by watching TV.. Just see in the newspapers and TVs on how bad today's youngsters are!

Man.. I could go on writing on this subject the whole night but I guess better save some for later.. Well I'm signing off now.. and thinking back - Life is just great!!

"First we crack the shell then we crack the nuts inside"
- as Rumble would put it
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Just Another Day In Life

Well it's Early Saturday now.. My boss just informed me that I'm leaving for London next week for a business trip.. Looks like I'm going there for the second time! Aside from that, nothing much for Friday and Thursday.. Just came back from the mamak stall down the apartment with an old friend from my former univ.. Shared a few good old memories with him.. He's my roommate by the way and also an ex-MRSM student.. Can't believe he is a law lecturer now in one of the local univ.. Back then we were breaking almost all the freaking laws hahaha.. But I guess that is just the way life is. Even I wouldn't guess that today I'm working in the IT field as opposed to my law studies, but the difference is I'm being paid to be the bad guys haha.. I must say that I am one of those lucky people who earns a living from a hobby, and that I will never regret for dropping law studies.. Never been such a good memorizer/reader anyways.

For me, I think there is a general concept and rule for everything and I prefer to know and embrace them very well rather than just memorizing it and spit it out whole.. I always prefer being straight to point and no bullshits. The kind of trades that will make the very worst of a sales and marketing guy.. Twisting words is so uncool!

I'm not going to bable anymore for now.. It's time for some MMORPG actions and today is a good day.

"Clarity of thoughts before rashness of actions"
- Not me but Shockwave said that..

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Well.. What could I say then?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Got nothing better to do at the moment.. going out in a few minutes time.. And "Yes" working with the current company I seemed to be blessed with a lot of time on my own.. and "YES" why not start a blog of myself.. and "YES" I have a lot of time playing games.. and "YES" I like the way life is treating me now soooo much! and "YES" I love the new Nokia 6280.. and "YES" I got friends who seemed shocked that I've started a blog.. and "YES" I got nothing better to do.. and "YES" I don't like to be addicted to KO.. and "YES" I'm trying hard not to be addicted to KO.. and "YES" life is damn great!! Don't you think so too? hehe

Just my 2 cents :)

Shout out goes to jeramtoi aka PJ aka mindless aka Master Yoda (The force rocks on you), baksoto, Anubis Clan, #LEP people from way back, MySEQ friends/ex-colleagues (EXCLUDING the CEO though) and others that I've not mentioned. You guys and gals know who you are.

"I still say Decepticons are way cooler than Autobots"
- me, still trying to be whatever
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Typical Wednesday

D3c3pt1c0n5 4r3 l33tNot working today.. damn bored.. just woke up.. played KO bored.. going down for lunch zzz.. tomorrow starts work at 7AM!! Wei! why am I writing this anyway?!

"Decepticons are way cooler than the Autobots"

- me, trying to be uhmm whatever..

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