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Living life at its best

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'Selective' sunlight

Saturday, June 05, 2010

'Selective' sunlight, originally uploaded by vedd.

First of all, my thanks to these fine gentlemen - AcidSulfurik, Annamir and Buyie for their hospitality and friendliness. My gratitude to them for spending time with me!

Well, if you didn't know, this is Darul Quran's Mosque - a beautiful mosque, flanked by an equally beautiful surroundings! If you're wondering about the title, the sun was blocked by patches of clouds and hence, it shines on certain areas of the surroundings - in this case the mosque :)

Tech Specs: A little DRI, a little tone mapped HDR and a little vertorama to spice things up. Off course, it wouldn't be perfect without the tasty Hoya ND400 filter :D

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posted by vedd, 1:50 AM


lanskap tepi masjid ada url lu yang gua tak tahan tu. Cilakak betoi.
commented by Blogger pakkordi, 5:55 PM  
biasak la.. penyamun tarbus berlambak :D
commented by Blogger vedd, 11:21 PM  

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