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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Of Sight, feelings and expressions...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My friend, Ab4h, wrote something today on his blog, which I find it very interesting and honest. Used to be energetic before, trying to catch up with technology and information security. But now, I just want to relax and enjoy my life. I also made some sort of a promise to myself not to work in a vendor environment. Thus, I am where I am now - end user. Not as hectic as before, more time for me and my new hobby... But what I really want is that, me, being able to have as much time for my family, myself and my new hobby.

As Abah said, photography makes us feel great and the ability to express ourselves better - I agree. Totally. It gets me up and explore the surroundings. Something that I was oblivious to before. It makes me more appreciative towards anything and everything around me. (Please do not mistake this as Jiwang!)

What do you see?
What do you see in this? Just another bug?

More than bugsStill some bugs to you? I see beauty in nature :)

But for now, I need to work and I'm not complaining about it since the new benefits are really welcoming :)

Maybe someday soon, I'll have what it takes to free myself from the word "work".

Hey Scott, thanks for putting my blog's link in yours :)


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The past few days..

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This is just to sum up what happen for the past few days :)

I've never really been to Taman Tasik Perdana and Tugu Negara, but on Sunday that is exactly where I was, with syscalls. Jojo was there earlier but left by the time I got there and Ab4h had to left also the minute he arrived due to unforeseen circumstances hehehe.. In the end the shooting outing turned to be a two man show - syscalls and me :)

But we still press on! Also during this outing, I've started to take notice on the smaller things :)

Somewhere near Tugu Negara

Single Beauty. (It's worth it to notice all the small things hehe)

Daun Keladi - Back litted

One of the "small" beauty. The size of it is so XXS :)

Back Lit Canopy

Tugu Negara

Tugu Negara

On Friday, I think I was lucky to be able to take some sunrise over at Bukit Jalil, on my way back home :)

The reflections of a sunrise at Bukit Jalil

Have Fun! Gallery is always at FlickR


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Today, yesterday and the day before yesterday..

Friday, November 03, 2006


Today - is my first day at the office after a long Aidil Fitri leave.
Today - working in the night.
Today - it was a sunny morning.
Today - it rained heavily in the evening.
Today - I take pictures.

Just before it rained

After it rained. (Part 1)

After it rained. (Part 2)

After it rained. (Part 3)

After it rained. (Part 4)


Yesterday - was still on Aidil Fitri leave.
Yesterday - was a non-productive day.
Yesterday - I took a single picture.

The only shot I took yesterday


Day before yesterday - was still on Aidil Fitri leave.
Day before yesterday - had lunch with syscalls, pokley and GBam.
Day before yesterday - hang out at KLCC's Starbuck with GBam.
Day before yesterday - later joined by thesyemism and jelly.
Day before yesterday - I take pictures.

Water, water, water

Citibank Tower

Someone's kid.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I let the pictures do the talking :)

Gallery is at my FlickR.


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