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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Weekend's Blues..

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just got back from London!! It was a trip to remember - working for 3 days at Head Quarters along with 1 day holiday :) What more could I asked for hehe.. Well I arrived at Heathrow International Airport on Sunday 16th April around 6.30PM, got into Heathrow Express straight to Paddington.. While at the airport, met with a fellow colleague of mine and she was on her way to Southampton Office.. Anyway, from Paddington, grab myself a cab to my hotel, which was next to my HQ office along the river Thames.. Nothing much for that day - unpack my stuff etc.. Went to bed early that night hehe.. The next morning, woke up early - around 5AM - and it was bright as if 7.30 in the morning, and that particular Monday was a public holiday as they were celebrating Easter.. Took a quick hot bath and went down for a typical English breakfast.. Then it was off to the London City Center - first stop was Trafalgar Square (hope I got the spelling right hehe) and to my dismay it was under maintenance.

Oh it was cold, around 15 Celsius I think.. Then make my way to Buckingham Palace to catch the change of Her Majesty Life Guard.. While waiting for it, I relaxed a bit at the St. James Park - Man it was beautiful there.. In fact all the parks and garden were beautiful there :) And from there I went on to Westminster - the old Big Ben Clock area.. Lots of people there queing at the cathedrals for easter eggs I presume (I might be wrong though hehe).. One thing I'm always amazed is that the gothic designs of the buildings there - a blend of the old and the new.. If I'm not mistaken, the Brits consider building aging from 100 years and below are new buildings, wherelse the old buildings were aged around 200 years or more..
Well after a full belly, I made my journey accross the river Thames and my destination - London's Eye - a humongous and towering ferris wheel.. along the sidewalks, there were many performers - from escape artistes to human statues and also some "Eye Opener" (if you get what I mean :P) Unfortunately, I didn't went up the London's Eye since it the que was a very long one - I don't plan standing in que for the next 1 hour or so.. so I took the Underground Tube and went to Piccadily (NO! It's not the tea dance disco at Damansara!!!) After a couple of hours there I went back to the hotel - Tired obviously and it will a working day tomorrow anyway.. It was already around 6PM when I reached at the hotel and along the way I've bought myself some sandwiches and pastas as my dinner from Tesco Express (the equivalent of 7-Eleven here but with more food) Watched the TV and soon the TV was watching me haha!!

On Tuesday, at 8.30AM, there I was at the reception counter the HQ office - w00t - I woke up early!! hehe and help myself to some hot tea (Its free of charge) at the cafeteria and went straight up to do my work.. and by 5.30PM I was off to Trafalgar Square, bought me a filet-o-fish meal and went back to the hotel.. Well not exactly in the hotel, hanging out while taking dinner in one of the small parks along the river Thames.. How relaxing it was (If only Malaysia have something like that, provided that the temperature is not always at 30-39Celsius hehe..) Then went off back to my room - still another working day tomorrow..

Wednesday I was extra early at HQ office - need to start work early today and by 5.30PM I was off again.. This time I went to Starbuck, which was somewhere near to my hotel.. And I had some muffins to go with the mocha :) I must say, it was very pleasant to just hangout with a mocha, a ciggerette and a very cool environment.. Anyway, it was not for long as soon after it was drizzling a bit - well enough to make me even more cold than I was hehe .. So it's time to go back to the comforts of my room and call it a night :)

And Thursday was my last day here - still working in the morning and got off at 3PM (Yes! I've completed my work there!), check-out from the
hotel and off to Paddington again :) At Paddington, I decided to leave my luggage at one of the luggage area and hangout around the area for a while (It was 4.30PM and my flight back home is at 10PM).. Bought me some chocolates to bring back home, t-shirts, a snowcap and some memoirs for the family.. Soon I was in the Heathrow Express again back to the Airport.. Arrived and checked in early (To get rid of the luggage that I was carrying around like mad hehe) and had a cup of hot cappucino.. Bought some stuff again there.. and by 8PM I was in the duty free area of the airport already (Lots of "EYE OPENERS" there hahaha) By 9 PM I was at gate23 and not long after that I was in the plane taking off to the Malaysia and reached here on Friday at 5PM ... It was an enjoyable working trip!! and HELL it was DAMN GOOD WEEK for me!! Life is so damn NICE!!

P/S: All pictures were taken from Nokia 6280 2MP Camera (YES!!! I LOVE MY NOKIA 6280!!!).. (Ab4h - hope you enjoyed the pictures though not as good as your US pictures but it will do.. I Hope hehe)

"Beauty lies in the eye of beholder"
Someone said that but I said it first here..
posted by vedd, 3:02 AM


Pehh.. lawa siot!
Tak caya la semua pictures tu dr nokia 6280?..
I love all the tree pictures. superb!.. nice shot!. bravo!
That what we call a photographer skill!

That place called St. James Park ek? Damn beautiful!
commented by Anonymous Abah, 10:31 AM  
>Abah said...
>Pehh.. lawa siot!
Kalau kau into photography aku suggest ko gi UK.. gila lawa punya sceneries - semak samun pun lawa hahaha gila!

>Tak caya la semua pictures tu dr
>nokia 6280?..
Nikon aku masuk air.. Nokia 6280 jek yg aku ada utk bawak hehe.. weih apa camera ko pakai ar? gambo sharp gile! Jealous aku! hehe

>I love all the tree pictures.
>superb!.. nice shot!. bravo!
>That what we call a photographer
Tgh amik interest kat photography .. layan gak haha.. menuntut dgn ko pun ok gak haha.. lawa selipar ko tuh

>That place called St. James Park
>ek? Damn beautiful!
Yeap, St. James Park depan Buckingham Palace.. tapi sebenarnya banyak lagi parks dgn garden kat situ.. aku jek tak ingat nama nama park tu hehe.. Elok ko melawat UK.. Lawa especially time spring..
commented by Blogger vedd, 10:46 PM  
Anything from London for me dude?
commented by Anonymous j.ding yang cute, 12:13 AM  
>j.ding yang cute said...
>Anything from London for me dude?
Yeap.. I got chocolates, but no souveniors - not enough time and money :P
commented by Blogger vedd, 1:24 AM  
Nak, nak, nak!!!
commented by Anonymous j.ding the cutie pie, 4:26 PM  
err.. aku pun NAK NAK NAK! :)

p/s - aku guna samsung V700 jer..
plan nak angkat D70s bila balik malaysia nanti! Insya-Allah
commented by Anonymous Abah, 10:50 AM  
>j.ding the cutie pie said...
>Nak, nak, nak!!!
Ok.. I'll go to you office later
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:38 PM  
>Abah said...
>err.. aku pun NAK NAK NAK! :)
Bila ko nak balik daa? Ko duduk kat kinrara lagikan? dekat jek dgn ofis aku

>p/s - aku guna samsung V700 jer..
>plan nak angkat D70s bila balik
>malaysia nanti! Insya-Allah
Cun siul gamba.. beli jgn tak beli hehe.. Eh kalau sempat tolong belikan aku keyboard tu (dan kalau ada extra cash lagi le .. balik sini nanti aku bayar le hehe)
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:41 PM  

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