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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Blogging on weekend's night..

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Here I am again.. It's been a while after my last "ranting" hehe.. Was to tied up with my LFS (still a lot has to be done hehe).. As of this right moment, I'm in the office until 7AM the next day.. And currently I am all alone (What else is new huh? hehe). Well it seems another ex-colleague of mine from the previous company has given a 30-days resignation notice- All the best in your future undertakings grrrl!! But for me, I ain't going anywhere for a very long, long time!! Really enjoyed working here and planning to retire in this freking cool organization :)

It's nice to hear when every single friends/colleagues from the old days that I knew are doing really well nowadays - back 2-5 years ago, it was a different story! Not getting salaries for 3-4 months is a normal thing, forcing us to find freelance jobs to cover our pockets (Management was pissed off but who the f*ck does he think he is).. and yet, we are still loyal and choose to continue working there (Not me though, I call it quits 3 years ago!! Enough is ENOUGH!).. As it happens, one of my ex-colleagues is currently working here, in the very same department as I am now.. How much more cooler can that be eh? (Nice to be working with you back tr00wa!) Wish the rest of the guys were here too hehe.. but it will be too good to be true..

Anyway, moving on with life, my wife just started her own blogging scene.. hehe - coincidently a few days back she came into my computer room and said that she wanted to start a blog of her own and that I should start also.. Well I told her, "Yang, I dah ada blog la.. baru jek start (with a smile on my face, off course! hehe). So immediately I helped her register with her account and VOILA! She has a blog now hehe.. and today helped her upload some images to her blog..

On another subject, I fell inlove with Logitech's new gamer's keyboard - the new Logitech G15!! COOL ASS keyboard, perfect for my gaming needs (OoppsS.. I do play KO occasionally with a new lame-and-still-low-level-and-not-properly-equiped character :\). However, the freaking ice-cool keyboard is not still available in Malaysia (DAMN!) Another choice will be the Saitek gamer's keyboard (Still frustatingly hard to get here in Malaysia) Though I hope Ab4h can get me one of these keyboards while he is in US (Keyword is hopefully hahaha) Talking more on the subject, I have a sudden urge to perform a hardware upgade on my PC (Another one of my wishful thinking hehe).. Let me see, I need to change the current AGP8X board to PCI-X and PCI-X display (ATI Radeon X1900 XTX is damn cool - Keep on kicking NVidia's butt!!) - uhmmm to much money will be spent, forget it... My ATI Radeon 9800 still rocks hehe..

I still haven't seen Underworld: Evolution, V for Vendetta and UltraViolet.. Went to Low Yat the other day and the DVD shops were closed - as usual, the response that I got was that a check from the law enforcement agency is taking place, zzZzZZz - not a fruitful visit, and in the end, I got myself a DVD burner.. Shocked that the price now is between RM160-RM215.. OMG!! OMG!! That was the price of CDROMs 1-2 years back!!

Err.. I'm getting hungry.. I think I'm going to get something to eat and continue with ranting for today later - provided if I feel up to it.. If not then it is one of those moment to say, "This is it. I'm signing off for today. Life is just damn great in many ways that it may appears! Enjoy the life that you have!" phrase.
posted by vedd, 9:32 PM


sorry vedd,
no time to buy ur keyboard..:)
busy with others appointment..gentlement club etc.. :P
commented by Anonymous Abah, 2:06 PM  

hehe tarak hal.. aku dah jumpa kat sini
commented by Blogger vedd, 3:56 PM  
alo mr. vedd. Terjumpa pulak blog ko nih.hehe..Seeing never before side of you from d blog :)
commented by Anonymous ayul, 11:59 PM  

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