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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Yada Yada Yoda - Whatever that means

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well, I've been keeping silence for quite some time since the last blog. Not that I don't have anything to type on the keyboard, on the contrary, it's the typing on the keyboards that have taken a lot of my time, along with a few minor setbacks bestowed onto me. But more on that later on (more like if I have the urge to type it down :))

As usual (at least for the rest of this week and next) I am in the office through out the night - ending the day at around 7 am. When most people are starting to work, I'll be curling up on my bed in hopes of a few sweet dreams that will come hehe.. OK enough about that.. It's an old routine boring activity to write it here anyway..

Last week, my beloved 7 years old monitor life finally came to an end - no displays with only a flash of red and greenish yellow blinks on the power button *sob* *sob*. I loved that monitor, been through a lot and served me very well during its service time.. Your devotion and dedication will always be remembered.

As always, that which is lost, shall be replaced and 48 hours later, a brand new 17-inch TFT with 6ms response time came into the room.. Stunningly elegant with a display to cry for!! I was seeing pixels that was not (rather impossible) visible on the old 17-inch LG 775N. The display was at the bleeding edge of a katana sword (although I might be over expressive but I like it so fucking much). And finally I got to see the screen at 1280x1024@75Hz (I know it's nothing for some but.. nahh you know what I mean)

As sharp and stunning the display was, I came to realize that most of the pictures taken with my N6280 (Hoping that my Nokia 6280 will turn into N80 overnight hehe) were not as good as I thought. "Alien-eye-sickening" pixels were scattered around the picture :\. This is when I realize I need to get a D-Lima_Kupang(D50) as Ab4h did. I think I am starting to take an interest in photography - and I blame Ab4h for displaying the beautiful pictures that he has taken! Damn you made me want to go and get the cam tomorrow hahaha.. Anyways i loved looking at your great pictures :) But let me have an understanding of different ISOs first and only I'll get the D50 :D

Talking about phones, an ex-colleague of mine also just bought herself a N6280 also. Welcome to the club! It's a nice phone - and one of the cheapest if not the cheapest 3G phones available from Nokia.. Certainly worth buying if you are looking for an affordable 3G-Camera-S40 phone. Also on this, I accidentally broke the screen cover of my phone not long ago (don't ask how/where/when/who and the sorts) but it's now replaced by a cool silver housing (at a RM120 cost zzzz).. YEA!!

GEEKTICON Notes - A geek Decepticon notes

And now for a more geeky part - building back my LFS was not as easy as I would expect earlier (but then it is not
that easy anyway hehe). A lot of tweaking and modifications needed to be made with other gcc parameters (A lot of Makefiles too if I might add). One common error I've encountered (and the error that I hated the most) is segmentation faults after building the coreutils (imagine running the 'ls' command gives you "Segmentation fault") - these errors are also common when you are playing with custom optimizations tweaks (Not the usually lame -Ox options, where x > 2) and happen during my early involvement in LFS. And as I expected, after much playing around with the rest of the flags, it is solved - Hooray!! Take that you big fat penguin! When I'm through with you, you'll be running around with a six-pack abs!! With that, I have now successfully built my new LFS base with XOrg-7. YES - it's only the BASE, it's not that I spent 24x7 infront of the monitor you know. I still have other great things to attend to in life.. But with the base is completed, the road to victory is much easier (Hope Gnome wouldn't be a pain in the ass).

Moving on to FreeBSD - Yeah, I've only accomplished downloading the ISO image. Have not installed yet but rest assured that it is soon to be installed :)

I'm still short of a Saitek/Logitech G15 keyboard. Anyone who is so very kind to donate it to me? I promise that it will be put to a very good use (haha - good use in gaming that is).

I'm signing off - going out for a "teh tarik".

Currently listening to: "I Stand Alone" - Godsmack
Currently reading: My own writings :P
Currently fantasizing: Yeah rite! Like I'm telling you people haha

"I am Geekticon - phear me as I am l33t3r than thou"
- Me, Decepticon Geek

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