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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Another night of ciggerettes and coke *Sigh*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Of Sleep deprivation

Yeap! It is another ciggies+coke night but tonight is a bit heavier than previous.. During the weekends, I was in a state of forced sleep deprivation (Arghh! I want to sleep!) Going nuts with Qmail installation on FreeBSD-6.1R.. Well not exactly Qmail but SQWebmail (because they want to use it!) and CourierPassd.. Freaking webmail solution from Inter7 won't authenticate valid users!! The QMR site was good - but it still lacks some vital infos! (Like courier-authlibs with MySQL) F*ck$h!7 zZzZZz

But being the decepticon-geek I am, problem is solved - Yea! (Well, I haven't done anything yet but then at the very least I know now where the mother-load root cause of the problem and identified the best solution) Still I won't be able to sleep after I've finished my work here since I need to make the new mail server running by Wednesday.. (Looks like I'm deprived of my geek-beauty sleep for another day *sigh*)
Nevermind, I'll show 'em who's the boss when I'm through with it *grrr*

Of Social Decepticon-Geek life

Well the first installation was coming to a mess so I've re-installed the whole FreeBSD-6.1R again this morning.. After that, I went to my close geek friends (mindl355, Bal, Ridsect, GBam, Semi, Ciku and a few others) office in KL and hang out with them until lunch time.. Nothing much except talking like geeky stuff - most prominent subject was the whole Qmail thing, 3G Phones and 3G connectivity and also Knight-Online - specifically with mindless (since he's the only one who's playing the game). Even got their new corporate T-Shirts from Bal as a gift and a pack of Malboro from Ridsect (Ooopps I shouldn't be smoking Marlboro! haha).. Nothing much after as I headed for home..

Later on I picked up my wife and we went to Sunway Piramid to have our dinner.. Then my wife decided to stroll to MNG store - Why? Because it's on sale hehe (what else)
I realized that Sales&Discounts are synonym with girls/women but then why should I be surprised hehehe... And yes, 96.7% (I actually did count the ratio of male vs. female and get the number) of the human beings that were there was girls/women - made me feel like I'm out of place.. Well, more like I'm in a planet overruned by females :D (Uhmm it's not a bad idea to have a planet overruned by females *wink* *wink* haha but I love my wife the most - wouldn't trade her for anyone/anything else!)

Of 4:01AM

I'm need to complete my tasks now.. But before that, let's have another ciggerettes and a poly-cup of cappucino.. Dangg! I feel like a zombie :/

Signing off!

Currently listening to: "Interstate Love Song" - Stone Temple Pilots
Currently reading: "Googling Courier-Authlib+MySQL+Vpopmail+Sqwebmail"
Currently fantasizing: "My bed, my pillow and my wife" (I am so the zombie)

"25 million people died within 5 years in Europe (1347 - 1352) - Cause: fleas"
~ tr00wa, by any other name is tr00wa
posted by vedd, 3:32 AM


Aahhh..such a nice guy letting his wife strolling in MNG. My hubby would take me far far away from any boutiques he sees! Hhmmpphh!!

Anyway, you collect Decepticons? We (hubby and i) collect both Autobots and Decepticons from Gen 1 onwards. But now he is letting my son playing with 'em. My son is playing with a RM300 Prime..adussss
commented by Anonymous Nina, 12:26 PM  
nina:~ Well that's the least I can do for her.. She's nice enough to let me strolling (mindlessly) in Low Yat and Anime shops :D

Yes I do collect Transformers action figures and mostly from G1 - but Armada figurines are sexy! Hehe (Mine are still in the boxset: It's sort of like colletor's item now).. but not going to buy Armada anytime soon .. I hunting for a digital camera..

I want D70s DSLR! *bump*
commented by Blogger vedd, 1:18 PM  
That's cool of ure wife. I let my LV stroll to Low Yat too and to where ever he wants to go with his friends. But doesnt let me stroll into boutiques nanti i beg him to buy things! Muahahahahaha...nah i'm a good wife :P

Armada is ok to me but still prefer G1 for its sentimental values. Well, LV stops buying Transformers coz he's into ICE nowadays. A way more expensive hobby than buying the figurines. Takpe i'm the financial director, and the job is to approve motion...ahahaha...

I so want a digicam too but errmm..no money?? Ehehehe...the D70s DSLR tuh Nikon or Canon?
commented by Anonymous Nina, 4:21 PM  
nina:~ Trust me, women have an extra edge over men.. Use it.. Use the force! hehe

Agreed.. G1 characaters have its own sentimental affects - that's why G1 collecters items is fetching a high price now.. hehe

D70s is a Nikon.. I think for now I'm settled with Canon's Powershot S3 IS - Features wise is good, and the price is way better :D Getting it soon.. really soon!
commented by Blogger vedd, 8:13 PM  
Nahh..it doesnt have any effect on my LV. His force is way stronger than mine, since he is the Lord Vader and i am a mere Amidala. But i didnt die and we didnt have twins. Muahahahahaha..

Powershot is good whatttt..but i guess the D70s is way better? With a DSLR i bet the pics will be like professional! Move over Kid Chan, Vedd is taking over your empire! :P
commented by Anonymous Nina, 10:34 AM  
Ok, i'm guessing that you're working with a tobacco company. A foreign one. Of course la, M'sia mana produce rokok! Since u get the supply for free, i am feeling that my LV will be jealous of you eternally. :P

British Tobacco issit?? Since u went to London and all. :P

Sorry i'm a freak...ehehehe
commented by Anonymous Nina, 11:05 AM  
nina:~ Off course D70s is better! hehe.. But the think is you need to with different settings, only then the picts will come out nice.. that's why I figured powershot is the next best thing to buy :D

.. And yes, I'm working there! That's why I can save a lot now since I don't have to buy cigerretes anymore - the catch is that I have smoke Dunhill, used to be a Marlboro Man.. Small sacrifice :D
commented by Blogger vedd, 1:40 PM  

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