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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Of "Teh Tarik" and Ciggerettes and Morning Glory

Thursday, June 22, 2006

This is my breakfast in the office in the very early hours of yesterday's morning:~

  • Instant "Teh Tarik" from the the vending machine
  • 2 sticks of Dunhill
Not the choice of breakfast for champions I would say but it serve's its purpose - keeping me awake :D. Hey, it's not that I take those as my breakfast every fucking morning but there are these days that your throat couldn't not accept anything else.. And my last resort - these two :D

Apart from that, yesterday's morning was feeling like an amateur photographer and armed with not-so-lame-in-your-butt N6280 2MP camphone, I took a quick snap of anything that caught my attention :D

Do be warned that I am not iclaiming to be a photographer.. I'm a computer so-called g33k - PERIOD. It's just that I have that snap-snap feeling at that particular time.. You know what I mean right? Righttttttt :D
Bukit Jalil as of 7:31 21/06/06

Though I do have a desire to own a DSLR.. wayyy, wayyy, wayyy back of my head but for now I'm settled with my N6380 ;P

<- Bukit Jalil Stadium Arch

I am not that sure what I'll be having this soon-to-be morning but I doubt it will be instant hot drinks and Dunhill :)

<- Over-blown & Bloated "Taming Sari"?

My wishlist of the day:

  • Powercolor ATI X1900
  • N80
  • Any Nikon DSLRs
  • My K.O. character back
Any kind caretakers out there? E-Games' kind Game Masters are also welcome to free my perm-ban character :D

Currently listening to: "Hunger Strike" - Temple of the Dog
Currently reading: "~/# cat /dev/null > /tmp/junk && grep -i Jessica_Alba /tmp/junk"

Currently fantasizing: Not in any fantasy :P

"I'm lazy to quote any Decepticon l33t3r than you quotes"
~ me, being a lazy pain in the ass geekticon

posted by vedd, 3:01 AM


angkat nikon D70s ler.... :)
skill dah tinggi tuh..
commented by Anonymous abah, 12:13 PM  
>abah said...
>*Snip* *Snip*

Bukan tak nak.. tapi mahal sangat hehehe.. Aku rasa aku beli mini SLR la kot - Canon PowerShot S3 IS kot .. aku tgk spec ok la jugak hehe.. Price lagi le oknye hehhe.. Amacam?
commented by Blogger vedd, 8:15 PM  

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