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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

*Yawns* *Puff* *Gulp* *Yikes*

Friday, June 23, 2006

*Yawns* - I am sleepy tonite at the office... Slumber night.. Starting to doze off into dream state

*Puff* - I need something, someone, whatever to wake me up - Dunhill and Cappucino seems the best of choice.. but wait! The vending machine is off zZzzZzz just when you need it (Murphy's Law applied). No matter Still got Vanilla Coke on the other vending machine..

*Gulp* - Having gassy drink in the wee hours of the nite - bad choice! Burrrpppp (excuse me)..

*Yikes* - Help!! I can't rid of myself of snapping pictures :\ This artisitic and photographic feeling is taking over... That's it - going to get myself PowerShot S3 IS next month.. D70s is way too expensive and I'm not going to change career anytime soon! But.. but.. but.. Oh well S3 IS is good enough for me..

To Ab4h: I'll join the SLR club when I'm comfortable with it :D (Sementara tu pinjam D50 hang bulih? hahahaha)

Currently listening to: "Holy Water" - Soundgarden
Currently reading: *fill in the blank here*
Currently fantasizing: Nikon DSLR D2Xs (Yeah rite.. in your dreams hehe)

"Too blurr to quote anything Decepticon"
~ me, fantasizing Nikon DSLR D2Xs
posted by vedd, 3:52 AM


Ko beli dulu camera tu... lepas dua bulan aku beli pulak. Sesungguhnya ko adalah gadget idol ku.

Everyday... I wanna go GAGA!!
commented by Anonymous JD, 1:50 PM  
jd:~ The Powershot S3 IS is just for starters until I get the hang of it :) but.. but.. but.. I want a DSLR camera :P hehehe..

P/s: sponsor aku boleh? hahaha
commented by Blogger vedd, 3:52 PM  

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