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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

The dawn of...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

... a new day for most of us. But where it's a dawn of a new day for them, it's more like dusk of a new day for me (at least until next week that is). I'm on my way home - back to my comfy bedsheets. Curling and dreaming :D

That's it for today - signing off and nite nite!!

P/s: Odd huh? Going through the usual morning mental-stress-maker traffic with an attitude to call it a day when everyone else is just starting their day.. Well you loose some yet again you win some..

Currently listening to: "Missing" - Evanescence
Currently reading: "The lines between the bed sheets"
Currently fantasizing: Duh! I'm still not going to tell you people :P

"Too much destruction is never enough!"
Overkill, Decepticon Warrior
posted by vedd, 11:35 AM


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