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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Nang Butinang Kui Butikui!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fuck... That day my monitor died, and now the bl00dy speakers died.. zZzzZzz No sound coming from the sub w00fer and the 2 speakers.. Nothing, zilch, yada, p00ff!! Not even a freaking white noise!! Sound card is allright - headphone works (pheww) .. Replace the cables from the sound card to the sub w00fer still no sound... Ahh shit.. just when you thought want to play a few rounds games...

Looks like I'm heading to Low Yat later on... Just my day... Can't close my eyes and doze off... Wants to play game but no sound... Want a DSLR but able to get a Powershot only... World Cup: Not my type! What the hell... looks like I'm watching Underworld:Evolution re-runs for today... I think better that I go Low Yat tomorrow morning.. less people and more parking space...

Somehow I just wish I have Nightcrawler's teleportation (minus the appearance of him.. off course). Think of a place - b00m you're there, with a pinch of Wolverine's healing factor and a spoon full of Jean Grey's psi-telekinetics.. It will certainly make my day! Mr. Sinister of the month haha...

Sometimes I wish I was a mutant with those gifts... Read people's mind, eat anything you want and never worried about over weight (also food poisoning), going places with a only a thought etc etc.. Oh well just wishful thinking (dreams?):D

Sometimes it's just nice to dream on...

Ok.. Wacthing Underworld now.. signing off! (Kate is so sexy in those tight rubber outfit! :|~~)

Currently listening to: "Kitchen Ware and Candy" - Stone Temple Pilots
Currently reading: "X-Men: X-tinction Agenda"
Currently fantasizing: Psylocke (muahahaha kidding .. of course my wife le)

"Get hip or get hit!"
~ Needlenose, Aerial Warrior, Decepticon TargetMaster
posted by vedd, 10:37 AM


But i think Nightcrawler is sexayy, with his markings and all. I wanna be Storm, with Magneto's magnetism capabilities, boleh? So that i can squash every single bullshit and make them pay for my hardships! Seriously i'll be a supervillain mutant. Hah!

Really sorry to hear about ure sub and speakers though.
commented by Anonymous Nina, 12:22 PM  
nina:~ Perhaps he is but I certainly wouldn't want to walk around with a tail dangling behind hehe.. Storm and Magneto: nice combo! But I rather putting them on mental torcher and make them regret terribly rather squishing them hehe.. The sense of ultimate guilt is sweet :D

And I too will choose to be a super villain anytime! Just do what you want... anytime, anywhere LOL

Thanks and the sub-speaker is also around 5-6 years age... expected to be EOL, just that didn't expect to happen today hehe... Just hope the CPU won't fail, spent a fortune on it (enough to get 2 1/2 D70s hehe)
commented by Blogger vedd, 12:13 AM  
You aa... too much x-men la. Mudah terpengaruh macam adik aku!

Ish... membesarla wahai umat!
It's always better to have that 'small kid' inside of us and let 'him' out for a play, anywhere, anytime... Why? Because it makes us enjoy life a bit more and remember of whom we use to be and how much fun it was :D
commented by Blogger vedd, 2:11 PM  

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