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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Weekend's pr0n yabbing...

Monday, July 03, 2006

It's Saturday. And I'm scouring the net for something which is news worthy. I found this - a statement of Ohio University with regards on information security (reported by the good old SecurityFocus.Com folks). It seems that the president of the university was totally pissed off by his staff when it comes to information security. Here's a snip on the university's news article:

“As president of Ohio University, I am angry and embarrassed by the computer security system lapses that were undetected before my time as leader of the university,” said Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis. “Everyone associated with Ohio University deserves the highest level of accountability and best practices standards. While we cannot correct mistakes of the past, I am determined that the university will learn from these oversights and make the appropriate changes. The university’s administration will aggressively implement the independent report’s recommendations, which will ensure that all appropriate measures are taken so that lapses do not occur again.”

And it continues on the immediate action taken by the university, which I think is the most approriate thing to do:


  • Based on the report’s recommendation, the university has suspended the Director of Communication Network Services (CNS) and the Manager of Internet and Systems pending the completion of a disciplinary investigation. The suspended individuals will be provided an opportunity to respond to the findings of the report prior to a final determination that could include termination. Two consultants have been brought in as interim management support to augment the Central Information Technology Management Team on an immediate basis. A new position of Chief of Staff to the CIO has been created, and a national search will be conducted to fill that position.
  • A restructuring of the entire central Information Technology (IT) organization has begun. The result of this restructuring will be the establishment of clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. The new organization will ensure that security is properly provided at both central and distributed levels and that all team members are focused on supporting the entire university and its stakeholders. By the end of the month more than 90 percent of the central IT organization will have been involved in some form of restructuring.
  • The three individuals who were placed on administrative leave May 5 will return to work based on the report’s findings.
  • The university will immediately begin to define the roles and responsibilities of all technology owners across the institution, both centralized and distributed IT, to ensure that the university has a highly secure and well-managed technology environment.
Makes me wonder what do our instituitions will do if such cases happens here (in which were proven so the many times that I lost count)?

Well enough about that... Just started my weekend today... Don't have anything planned yet for today except that little bird which keep yelling to my ears to go to Low Yat again and hunt some DVDs. I've yet to watch V for Vendetta... I'm so outdated! Yes! I know! But nowadays I prefer watching DVD rather thatn going to cinemas - the sense of re-runs just gets the best of me, especially when the weekend is long :D (Plus my darling wife is working on my weekends *sighs*)

Last week was a good week for me... Why? I got my confirmation letter! Yea! Which means I get to use the company's house/car loan facilities - where can you get a company who is willing to subsidies your loan huh? Working at nights for the past 2 weeks was enjoyable... (Yes, when there's hardly a thing to attend to) err except for the Qmail thingy, but that is of a different story...

This week and the week after.. well pretty much of a holiday week I must say. 3 days holidays per week, and working on Saturday and Sunday, well... nothing much as well (God! I love my job!).. Ohh by the way, there's rumor that we will be working for 13 days a month soon (3 days working 4 days off for 3 weeks and 4 days working with a 3 days off for the last week) - SWEET! I MUST GET THE BLOODY POWERSHOT SOON! Otherwise I'll be biting my nails of figuring out what to do on the next day hehehe...

Well time to grab a lunch bite of... Uhmm haven't really thought on what to have for lunch *bump*...
Aaahhh not a big problem anyways... Enjoy life as it is (and start capturing the moments of it! Go get a digi-cam for crying out loud!)

Currently listening: "Head Like A Hole" - Nine Inch Nails
Currently reading: "Bugtraq, SecurityFocus.Com"
Currently fantasizing: "whyshoulditellyouaboutwhatiamfantasizingnow?"

"The mind is my play pen!"
~ Bombshell, Insecticon Psycological Warfare.
posted by vedd, 12:17 PM


JEALOUS. That's the word i have to tell you. Not fair! Not fair! I wanna work 3 days and holiday for 4 days too! No fair no fair!

Ah well, that's your bacon and this is mine. If the rumour really is true, i hope that D70 or Dwhatever is there to help you with ure weekends!
commented by Anonymous Nina, 4:24 PM  
And oh, is linking you permissible? :P
commented by Anonymous Nina, 4:26 PM  
nina:~ Naahh.. D70s is too expensive for a beginner like me.. sticking with Powershot.. hehe D70 is only when I am in a league of pros :D

I'm keeping my fingers cross for it tocoe true.. will be one hell of a carrier MUAHAHAHAHA... Your time will come.. don't worry! Be happy!

P/s: Sure linking to me is permissible - Permission Granted. I'll link back to yours as well..
commented by Blogger vedd, 4:35 PM  
Waahhh 'Permission Granted' so gempak sounding eh. Your rumour if it really true, wont be happening to my company. I'm really thankful that i dont have to work on Saturdays anymore..fyuhh..

Powershot is ok what and not that expensive and looks cool too. But i'm still using N6600 for all my pics though..sad case of mine
commented by Anonymous Nina, 5:45 PM  
nina:~ Hahaha Wanted to say it a long time! hehe
Working in weekends is nice but then you loose out the quality time with your other half (sian my wife).. But I'll make sure it's well made up for.. hehehe

Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade - that's the word!

P/s: Veddttle Star Galactica? Now you make me feel like a Cylon!
commented by Blogger vedd, 6:31 PM  

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