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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

7.4.7 - It will be something more than meets the eye!

Friday, July 07, 2006

More than meets the eye!! That's all I can say! I know most of you knew about it already but... I could not stop myself from sharing it with all the Transformers Die Hard Fans!!! I am a DIE HARD fan of the Transformers (especially Generation 1 and Generation 2)... Nothing! I repeat... NOTHING can stop me from watching this movie... Come what may I don't give a fuck as long as I am in the movie theater watching it!

I grew up with watching The Transformers and I fell deeply inlove with them (Decepticons Rules!)... I even have a small collection of them myself, mostly Decepticons, and yes, they are still in their boxes... Too valuable and too adorable to open it!


People will say that I'm such a small kid, but that small kid what makes life more enjoyable (at least to me)... Certainly Movie of the century. Move aside LOTR, Spiderman, Superman (although the Return is awesome), Batman, F4, Blade, X-Men (I wish I am a mutant), the Transformers is "THE" movie. I can say that the syndrom is pretty much like the Star Wars Syndrom.. Heck! Even some of the guys (and girls) in the office are talking about it and how they grew up with it (and the collection that they have... hehehe) I am for once glad that there are many followers!

There are strong rumors that Scorponok will appear in the 2007 movie!! Dang! I'm getting more impatient by the seconds... Read about it at this site and supposedly they got a leaked trailer.. (dunno which trailer they meant or is it for real, haven't checked it out yet)

Although I'm a Decepticon fan, but what the hell.... "Autobots! Transform and Roll Out!" hahahaha... but I just love it when Megatron says "Constructicons! Merged for the kill!" in Transfomers: The Movie (Animated)....

Ahhhh the wait! The wait is killing me!!!!! Huarghhhhhhhh!!! WTF?!? 1 more bloody year to wait?!? hahahaha

Currently listening to: "The Transfomers (OST)" - Lion
Currently reading: "Googling keywords Transformers+Hasbro"

Currently fantasizing: "Arcee" (The only decent looking Transformer female fatale)

"Wait! I still function!"
Megatron, "Transformers: The Movie"

posted by vedd, 5:06 PM


I totally agree with you, the anticipation with just like Star Wars. Bare in mind, us both will be just like you as we dont give a goddamn but to get a seat in the cinema. The line will be long i tell you. Hopefully there will be no campers outside TGV or GSC come April 2007.

Bumblebee rules!! Weeiihh Dinobots ada tak dalam movie tuh?? Best siot kalau dapat tengok Grimlock balik...muahahahahahah
commented by Anonymous Nina, 12:52 PM  
Hahahah.. for sure aku akan camping kalau tak dapat phone booking through Maxis...

Dinobots aku tak sure lak ... tapi Scorponok mmg 80% confirm kalau ikut website..

*Waiting for Pirates of the Carribeans II*
(It beats the Spiderman Box Office record)
commented by Blogger vedd, 1:37 PM  
wey.. aku pun suka transformer. My favorite is soundwave..

geng optimus prime pun ada ala2 soundwave nie tapi instead of keluar cassette/eagel dia keluar cassette/rhino.. what is the name of this transformer? ( consider this as a die hard fan test :p )
commented by Anonymous marjan, 9:03 AM  
Marjan: Blaster is the Soundwave counterpart of Autobot with Ramhorn as the cassette/rhino :P and the others - Eject, SteelJaw, Rewind :P (Did I pass the test? hehe)
commented by Blogger vedd, 9:21 AM  
Me Grimlock King!
commented by Anonymous congkak, 2:11 PM  

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