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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Night of the MySEQticon g00ns!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This post is dedicated to two of the MySEQticon goons - Gmie and Slash, who are leaving to somewhere in the Middle East in pursue of their careers. It'll be somewhat filled with images and typings so I guest it'll be a long scroll down and bare with it.

Details: Farewell Dinner
Location: Terminal Seafood Restaurant
Date: 3rd July 2006
Time: Somewhere between 8:30PM till 12.05AM

It is one of the best times I had with the g00ns - after leaving the company somewhere in 2003. Well, actually none of the us, not a single g00n, are working with the company now anyways.. But the relationship and the bond goes well beyond than just collegues and office mates. You see, unlike most people, we started as buddies, long before we even work together as collegues. And most of known each other through the a world that we know as the Internet. Yes, we came from different backgrounds, but we share the passion and interest in technology - specifically speaking, information security.

Guys, we've been through the bad, the worse and the worst of times together and yet we shared all the good, the better and the best of life as collegues and better yet as friends. It's something hard to get these days... Remember when we use to be on Undernet Relat Chats? Always looking for some ways to best everyone else and smoke up everyone else's machines (things like Mass Land and Auto Nuke? Hahaha those were the days)

The days we had in the company, from working to just plain hanging out, will sure stay on in our memories. Having ciggerettes breaks at the staircase, babe-watching at Kak Yin's 'kedai kopi' (and later on we had to shift to spices of life and the other mamak restaurant when every single babes starts to choose alternate routes to avoid being stared at? Hahahaha)..

Remember the first time Ayob came for interview? How nervous he was? hehehe... How the group grew with Gend00t, Bomba, Ciku, Orhan and Meera joined the ship? Atoi, Jojo, Jerantut, Alan, Peyjal, Wan as well? How Anin's 'singgit' claims was? Remembered the incident we had with Pak David? hahaha those were priceless man! We had a share of our difference and turmoil as well but in the end we pulled it through... Heck, I still remembered how fast the Dell's server was! Gmie and I got the first ASUS notebook?

All I can say is that, being there at the dinner, stirred some good old memories indeed. Still remebered how Gmie trashed and sent the message "You are so farking screwed!" to that guy we 'loved' so much - EvenFlow. The infamous EvenFlow chat logs! hahaha (A damn good example of how bad sharing the whole C:\ drive to the Internet is! hahaha)

To the founders:~ Pai, PJ, Semi, Gmie and _______ (I don't feel like stating his name here and you guys know why), it was my utmost privilage to have founded an entity with you guys. Something that I will always treasured.

To the early generation:~ Ayob, Ciku, Bomba, Peyjal, Jojo, Ayul, Atoi, Gend00t, Meera, Alan, Zaidi, Wan (both of them), Orhan, Ramlan, Atan, Tayar, Slash, you guys are the best of of mates

and techies! We take the world by death on flaxen wings! (b00m b00m b00m!)

To the later generation:~ You guys know how it felt, right (aside from all the fucking problems, it is still the best of collegues that you will have.. I know I feel that way)..

And the last but not least: To the two g00ns, Gmie and Slash, All the best in your life (and don't forget about the belly dancing chicks - send us a pic or two!)

So this is it... it's been an honour to work with you guys... I don't think I'll find another in this life :D.. And the dinner was something to remember (Hopefully there will be others :D)

You know something? How about getting our asses together for ONE BIG get-together: MySEQticons + #LEP + #X-LEP + #Bungaraya? Pretty much covered everyone right? hehehe just a wish :D

Signing off...


  • The whole gallery is available at this link.
  • I'm thinking of sending Gmie and Slash to the airport. Anyone to join? Let me know.

posted by vedd, 5:36 PM


huahhh, felt so depressed and frustrated not able to go!. why dont anyone call me up. fark !!!.
commented by Blogger tr00wa, 1:28 PM  
tr00wa:~ Well I was informed a bit late too.. So does everyone else.. It was kinda "last minute" plan... And I was the last to arrived hehe..

Cheer up dude! Maybe we'll make another when both returns for Aidil Fitri
commented by Blogger vedd, 2:22 PM  
Aahhh mIRC...used to be my bible every single freaking day back in the 90s. Undernet, Webnet, you name it. #Kampung, #Mamak, and whole others i cant recall. Heck i was even in Pakistani channel #quetta!! Giler poyo...kwang kwang kwanggg..

Nowadays it is port for perverts and horny teens. Now i'm an MSN and Yahoo! sucker...ahahaha
commented by Anonymous Nina, 2:24 PM  
nina:~ Haven't we all? hehehe but most of us were learning through it - more like an online university, learning the things that were not available on any course :D.. And off course conducting 'experiments' to unsuspecting chatters hahaha

It was fun and educational.. Yeap.. and we made a company out of it lol..

commented by Blogger vedd, 2:49 PM  
Educational? Yeah like flooding everyone and blocking people that you dont like? :P Bomb sana sini ehehehehehhehehe
commented by Anonymous Nina, 3:16 PM  
nina:~ Yes! Yes! Definately! But we proceed and get into the details of how it was possible :D hehehe but that was the good old days :)
commented by Blogger vedd, 3:20 PM  
I think you should read my newest entry, lagi educational...

But to make a company out of it? Wow..!
commented by Anonymous Nina, 4:18 PM  
Lord Vader says:

Star Wars… well the only toys I collect these days are anything to do with my car audio (CDs, RCAs, Capsitors, Voltage Stablizers, etc.). But that doesn’t mean I’m not a great fan of Star Wars. He he he…

Eh Vedd… there’s only one last of the Transformers which I really want to make them complete… make that 2… Soundstream with laser beak and what that panther of his; and also the Constructicons (that one is a MUST). Could you please infrom me of their existance and RM of coz.

Now where can I steal RM300 for my Chord RCAs… :P
Posted June 28, 2006, 2:32 pm

--> Sorry forgot to inform you..
commented by Anonymous Nina, 5:04 PM  
nina/Lord Vader:~

Errr I think it's Soundwave that you are referring to.. And it's Ravage (not a panther but a hound - panther is SteelJaw: Blaster's cassettes team :D).. hehe
Contructicons the whole team? Well, There's this shop in One Utama called Ultimate Toys, over at the new wing ( 1 floor above MNG or Mango) has loads of Transfomer stuff.. And I have a hunch you can get it there (at least order from them).. But Soundwave and his cassettes are really rarities now.. And even I for one does not have Soundwave's cassettes collections..
Constructicons - its quite easy, but the whole team... it'll be a challenge but I guess Ultimate Toys is where I would go to get G1 figurines.
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:30 PM  
He he he... Soundwave... buahahahahahahahahahahaha...
Panther la vedd... the second pet for Megatron after Laser Beak. Blaster tak syok wor...

Anyways, and terlampau sangat Sound Stream Tarantula & DaVinci for me tu yang terkonpius... Too much car audio already...

That shop you mentioned, I've asked them already... constructicons still on the.............................................................................


commented by Anonymous Lord Vader, 6:00 PM  
Eh ye ke? Dangg malunye daku! hahaha hentam jek la.. Tapi aku tak kan beli apa apa Decepticon selagi aku tak dapat S3 atau SLR aku hehehe... Tetapi Primus tersangatlah menarik perhatian!! Takpe... S3/DSLR dulu!

Checkout http://www.transformersmovie.com/ !!!!! Wooohoooooooooooo

commented by Blogger vedd, 6:10 PM  
Sudah lama we checked out the site already...giler syiokk!!
commented by Anonymous Nina, 9:05 AM  

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