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Living life at its best

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Weekend's Getaway (to Bukit Tinggi)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Just came back from our vacation or honeymoon or relaxation @ Bukit Tinggi Resort Colmar Tropicale. Was there since Sunday and came home today, Monday. It's not that far, actually it's about 45 minutes drive from Gombak Tol. Just a beautiful place but from my point of view, it's not for those seeking for some rough/adventure activities but more like for those who just want a peace and quite getaway.. And I might say that it is also not a place for kids (infants excluded since they don't know(bother) anyway hehe).. I would say that it's a place more like made for couples who do not wished to disturbed :)

As for my wife and me, well we enjoyed our stay there - mostly since we carry a camera around... So it's busy snapping that snapping this hahaha!! Well, not gonna type anymore, enjoyed the pics...

More pictures are available here. (Used up my free bandwidth of the month at Flickr.Com.. Looks like I'll be upgrading to Pro account soon hehe)

My main album is here.

I've decided to re-locate the album to picasaweb@google for now.. Until I decided/ready to subscribe to Flickr.Com (Maybe next month).. So until then do drop by at my PicasaWeb@Google.

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posted by vedd, 9:06 PM


Beautiful pics and a nice getaway!
commented by Anonymous Nina, 9:35 AM  
nina: Tenkiu! Hope yours will follow soon.. Don't think, just do it! hehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 1:23 PM  
Nice pics. S3 IS's bokeh almost comparable with SLR liao ;) pinjam test-drive sat ;ppPPPppPpppPP
commented by Anonymous syscalls, 1:09 AM  
syscalls: But still lacks behind dSLRs hehe (btw.. Nikon is coming out with a new entry level dSLR) Gi beli la satu S3 IS pastu kita test drive sama sama hehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 1:42 AM  
Dude, maybe I should get the weekend getaway at Bukit Tinggi too! Should angkut my parents as well. God knows they need a breath of fresh air.
commented by Blogger Jade, 9:46 AM  
jade: You should grrl! But I must tell you, it's not the place if you're looking for fun/adventurous activities - it's just about plain 'lepaking' and quality relaxing :)

P/s: Don't forget to stack some munchies for late night 'emergencies' munching activities hehe..
commented by Blogger vedd, 6:30 PM  

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