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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Been busy...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I've been busy lately.. Work and family. Though I still can squeeze a tad bit of my time taking pictures... just barely *sigh* Let me recap - 2 weeks back I decided to hang out with Ipin at KLCC. Been quite sometime since I've been there. So met him and we went hunting for a bag that fits a camera, a few lense and a laptop. Well actually Ipin is the one hunting, me.. I'm just being a busy body :)

Since it was raining we decided to take a break and have some caffeine at the indoor Starbuck. Ipin didn't find the bag that he wanted. Thinking that the rain would spoil the sunset over at KLCC, we stayed indoor until 7PM. Ohh boyyy!! Did we made a mistake. The sunset was beautiful and we missed the golden moment! But all is not lost - at least. Hurried to Asy-Syakirin mosque and I decided to re-take a shot from the same angle I previously took. Perfect! Ipin had to leave early to continue his search for the bag.

Ohh yeah, did I mentioned he's going back packing to Europe? Well he did. And still in Europe at this point of writing.

KLCC Dusk in HDR

Asides from that, it's work, and going home watching the baby grows up. He's almost 2 months now and the jaundice has gone - Thank you to sensei's medicine.

My son growing on strong

Today, I just had to come early to work since I was involve in a project and had to schedule for a product upgrade/enhancement with the vendor. Long story cut short - Postponed. But before I reached the office, the sun was giving that "Golden Hour" hour again. It seems, if it rained earlier in the evening and stopped around 6PM, the sun would give that look - you know the "Golden Hour" look. But I was a bit unlucky, yet again, and only manage to capture a glimpse of it. Turned out to be a gloomy dusk in Gotham City. Only thing missing was Batman hehehe..

Gotham, I mean Sunway - Gloomy mood in HDR

Just finished processing this morning shot and converting it to HDR. I think I need to scout for better place. I'm running out of cool places to catch sunrise/sunset and still make it back home on time.

Sunrise on Labour Day.

Anyway, there's been quite a number of requests from friends that I publish a simple How-To on HDR imaging. Well, it's getting there. At the final stages of my little tutorial on my HDR processing. Should be ready by end of this week :)
(Sabar yek Ab4h!)

Uhmm I'm signing off now.. 3G connection is not that good today *sigh*x2


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posted by vedd, 6:02 AM


Hey.....thelast pic....that's The Sore in Sungai Buloh rite???
commented by Anonymous wan, 12:28 PM  
aku kenal tempat gamba akhir tuuuu

formerly known as Hiong Kong Supermarket
commented by Anonymous yang, 1:15 PM  
that HDR really makes the world beautiful!

i love the klcc pic. *winkwink*
commented by Blogger Farahz, 8:43 PM  
wan: Yeap. I was rushing to find a spot to park my car and that is the only place I could find. Was thinking to go up to the parking space on the top floor of the yellow building but it's closed. It is an eye sore :)

yang: Ya Betol! hehe

Farahz: It does. Definitely! It helps taking the picture as our eyes see it (as close as possible) and not the camera :) I can't get enough of it hehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 12:13 AM  
Your pics are just awesome. You really managed to catch the mood of the picture. You have a fan here :)
commented by Blogger Frankensteina, 6:25 PM  

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