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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

I'm really living my life at its best

Monday, March 19, 2007

No words can describe how good my life is now. No sentence can describe the joy and happiness I now feel. I am now a proud father of adorable baby boy. He came into our life at 4:14PM, 15th March, 2007 in SJMC, Subang Jaya. My wife is doing fine, though she is still recuperating from the labor at my in-laws. What can I say except I thank God for all the great things in life, my life especially. 2007 is a great year for me. To all who came and visit, and also sending best regards and wishes - I treasure them, and will forever appreciate it. I want to take the opportunity to say Thank You all!

Daddy's boy - 1 day old. I love you so much!

Daddy's boy sleeping.

My priceless treasure. Nothing compares to you and mommy.

Life begins on a new path for me, and it is all for the best.

P/s: Thanks to LV and Nina for visiting us :)

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posted by vedd, 11:57 PM


Congratulations to you and your wife Vedd!!! The fun is just beginning. Be sure to get lots of pictures as he grows up, they do so fast.

All the best to you and your expanding family!
commented by Blogger Scott, 6:05 AM  
Hey Vedd, i'm congratulating you again on this joyous arrival of your junior. He sure is a cutie pie! Has he got a name yet? :)
commented by Anonymous Nina, 9:40 AM  
Excuse my wife... her memory is in serious need of medication... ALREADY GOT NAME LAH... CARRY DADDY'S NAME LAGI
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:20 PM  
hey vedd...congratulation to u and ur wife!!!!
commented by Anonymous ^yang^, 3:16 PM  
Congrats! He's so-o cute! :)
commented by Blogger Seeking Solace, 9:51 AM  

congrats to u and wifey.....God Bless you and ur family
commented by Anonymous wan, 6:09 PM  
Bro... you son's pics are up on our flickr


- Lord Vader
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:11 AM  
Scott: Thanks mate! I see your family is expanding as well! Cute puppy :)

Nina & Lordy: Thanks! I've seen the pic :)

^yang^: Thank you. Aku macam nampak kau jek dalam kereta biru ari ahad lepas ke aku silap orang :)

Solace: He takes a lot from his mother side :) Thanks

wan: Thank you for the wishes!
commented by Blogger vedd, 11:47 AM  
hi vedd...

congrats to u & wife...sorry too late congrats both of u...why dun't u msg me???too happy until forgot to tell me haaaa???Aod bless both of u..nama aperrrr???- am& elly
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:03 PM  
Am & Elly: I did msg using your 016 number :) Dah tukar nombor ke?
commented by Blogger vedd, 9:36 PM  
nope...never get 'ur msg actuallly...by the way, all the best to u as a father for a cute little baby...-am & elly
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:24 PM  

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