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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

2007 - What's New?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Uhmm let me see....
  • I am going to be a father to a cute little son :)
  • I am going to get a digital SLR camera (Canon off course)
  • I am going to explore photography more seriously
  • I am going to make a long list of movies to watch this year (Transformers!)
  • I am going to get more and more money (I hope)

Special note: I have a new interest in photography - High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging.

These are my attempts on HDR imaging using my Canon PowerShot S3 IS and Photomatix:

Justice has a home - Palace of Justice in HDR

Colors of dawn - Kelana Jaya Lake Garden in HDR

Rising of the Sun - Kelana Jaya Lake Garden in HDR.

Asy-Syakirin Mosque, KLCC in HDR

So what made me trying out HDR? Check out Trey's FlickR and Blog. Awesone and serious HDR grandmaster!

The other thing is that, I'm pretty unsatisfied with long exposures at 15 seconds/f8 on the S3, especially when there are street lights or excessive light source around - it just can't cope with it. By using HDR, I can now take shorter exposures, around 4-5 seconds with f4.5 or f5 and still get proper exposure. No overblown/underexposed here and there, well at least the overblowns/underexposed did not affect the overall image. It helps me with my long exposure experimentations with crazy lightings.

And I think I would throw in a Calendar set of year 2007, created with some of my favorite shoot using FD's FlickR toys. Check out this post later on!

Last but not least - Happy New Year, may the year 2007 will be a very good one!


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posted by vedd, 11:23 AM


Hi, I like the title of your blog.And like you, I believe the key is to be thankful and appreciate what we have and really live.
Nice shots too. And wow, Palace of Justice? In Malaysia? That's unusual.
Cheers and Have a very good 2007 too.
commented by Blogger Peter Gan, 2:40 PM  
Thanks Peter. Yes there's a lot of things that we just seemed to ignore in life and for me, it takes a lense to make me see what I'm missing :)

Thanks again for dropping by and all the best in 2007 :)
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:35 AM  
Happy Happy New Year Vedd! I like your list of things to do this year. Looking forward to seeing some HDR from you on an SLR! You've also given me the HDR bug as well.
commented by Blogger Scott, 1:36 AM  
Bro... lu orang semua dah line expert la... gua nak cam semi-expert jer... mcm Sony F88. Ada both amatuer & expert function plus boleh amik movie... yippie! Gua ada anak beb... dia punya linggo la yang syok tengok di masa² akan datang untuk memalukan dia depan galprennya... ha ha ha...

~Lord V.~
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:41 PM  

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