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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

a week long of mornings... digital.[v] style

Friday, October 06, 2006

My style of morning for the whole week. Where most people rushed to work, I, on the other hand, is making my journey back to my home and getting ready to call it a day. And along the way, I'm addicted to metering the exposure, reading the live histograms and pressing the shutter release button :) I just find early morning is one of the best time to shoot through the lense hehehe... And to be frank, I enjoyed for the most part of week long of (early) mornings :D

While waiting for the LRT to come on Tuesday morning.

Somewhere in Masjid Jamek area.

On top of the Commonwealth Hill. (Good place to join Tai-Chi classes)

*miniature* version of a tiger.

New meaning of staying connected.

Apart from this, there's nothing fancy going on. Life is as usual. Working, go home, do some house work, sleep, wake up, go the inlaws for break fasting and going back to work. Ordinary but I made a point to enjoy it with a digital camera. My WISHLIST is still open. Anyone wants to be 'the' generous person? By the way, a fellow Flickr/Blogger mate from Chesterville, Ontario, CA, Scott, is also looking for the same thing as his wishlist. Anyone? But above all, just put me as the first in your list hehehe.. (No offense scott hehe)

~ digital.[v] style
posted by vedd, 9:49 AM


Thanks for the plug Vedd, appreciate it! ;-)

Beautiful photos, and yes, I find it much better in the morning as well. Just returned from a 2 day canoe trip and all my morning shots are much better then the afternoon shots. The lighting was just so much better. I really enjoy seeing your photo's, your shots are so different from mine due to the difference in our vegetation, constructions and way of life. Just love the diversity.

Took 473 photo's in the past 2 days, I'm beginning to think I have an addiction problem, the S3 is an excellent camera for trips.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:03 AM  
you are getting better and better at this.

Dun forget ah...

U'll be my photographer of honor for my big day. Boleh tak si mamat tu gelak and said... boleh ke dia? Walhal dia nak main ngan new toy tu pun tak pandai... ekekekeke... [Anywany, confirm nak let go at my said price. Hehehe...]

I have confidence in u. Try to take more shots with human in it. Expression and feelings. Macam gambar org tua tengah main henpong tu...

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:40 AM  
scott: No worries mate hehe.. we share the same interest :) The feeling goes for me too! Each day on everage I'll shoot like 50-100++ images.. Definately a good camera for trips hehe..

Thanks for dropping by mate :D

Jelly: Thank you! Aku rasa elok ko hire pro le.. hehe aku menyelit jek nanti ok? hehehe Nanti aku tanyo member member aku kalau ada sesape nak beli.. Next project - human expressions hehe.. Abih le manusia manusia kat KL ni hahaha mmg aku "candid"kan.. hehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 3:47 PM  
I love the 1st pic and the miniature version of a tiger. I agree with them, ure pics are better nowadays.

Jom buka posa jom!
commented by Anonymous Nina, 8:24 AM  

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