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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Say "NO" to open burning cause...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

... it really is sucks. It's really unhealthy. It creates what we called "HAZE". Because of this, people met in accidents. Why on earth do you commit open burning? Is it because its the easiest (cheapest?) way to clear a land? Whatever it is, it's damn selfish and inconsiderate act. Be it for what ever reason. Period.

And because of this, I totally wasted my Saturday evening. Wasted my energy climbing a freaking hill. Wasted my time spent on climbing the hill. Wasted a few pint of my blood to mosquitoes (OK.. a bit of exagerating but you know what I mean.) Wasted more time of getting a good shot. Wasted my re-chargeable batteries. It is a waste. And all because of what? HAZE. A direct outcome of inconsiderate and selfish human beings.

This is where I went to practise my shot.

I went out of my apartment around 5PM and decided to go up to a look-out post on a hill adjoining my apartment. So went down to the mini jungle reserve and started my climb - 20 minutes of my precious time. Reached up the post and the air was just cooling and refreshing. Very the tranquile you know... So fired up my Canon.. and what was I presented with? Haze, Haze, Haze and more Haze! F@%$)(@#$! Totally wasted! Bagero! My feet is killing me. My T is soaking with my sweat. I got mosquitoe bites on my arm and legs. And all for a lousy shot of haze.

This is what I get after all the trouble I went through.

I gave up and went down and it was getting dark (thanks to the HAZE and the shades of the trees). Stumbled upon a beatiful spider and totally screwed the shot. Just ain't my day...
Just head home you geek. Unsatisfied and very the pissed off.

One screwed up shot of a beautiful spider.

Tenkiu and babai (if you decide to read up to this point that is).

In the end, it doesn't really matters. It still sucks.

"Haze, Haze, Haze, every where and not a single image to shoot."
~ One very pissed vedd

posted by vedd, 11:51 PM


not only open burning you know, smokers also contribute to haze.. I think la.. :p but hack it.. they at lest make the ozone thinner for every puff the made.. next time you see a smoking friend ..wack 'em. I mean ask them to stop polluting the air the ari la..
commented by Anonymous marjan, 7:18 PM  
ketawakan dia..
tu la.. pergi tak ajak aku... :P
commented by Anonymous abah, 8:51 PM  
marjan: Err No can't do le beb.. I worked at a tobacco company - and am a smoker too mueh mueh.. but I doubt it will create any haze apart from the ones in the room hehe

Abah: Siot ko.. nak ajak camne.. betul betul belakang rumah aku.. kalau nak practise low light/jungle shot datang le rumah aku... ada 3 mini forest reserve pilih jek mana nak hehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 10:29 PM  
Nice spider.

Next time, naik hutan Bukit Nanas tuh. Sure takde haze punya :P
commented by Anonymous Nina, 1:53 PM  
nina: Tenkiu! tapi sebenarnye spider tu burok (pasal aku tak pandai sangat lagi main flash)

Bukit Nanas? Gile jauh! haha tak sanggup den nak gi KL dari rumah aku..
commented by Blogger vedd, 9:32 PM  

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