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Living life at its best

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More morning takes - digital.[v] style

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yeap! Again, this week is all early morning takes but pretty limited due to haze. I'm not gonna mumble on haze coz I've already mumble about it before so there is no need to repeat it again :)

I hate haze but on this particular moment - the haze just made the shots. It kinda gives a sort of serene feeling to the atmosphere.. almost (At least that's what I felt at that particular moment :D) Well as they say, what goes around, comes around (or is it the other way around... whatever...) Previously the haze just killed my practise session but now, it kinda helped me on my night shots. Just love it.

Bukit Jalil Star LRT Station

Bukit Jalil Stadium

In front of Bukit Jalil STAR LRT Station

Somewhere in Bukit Jalil Staium compound

This time, I did some experiment with water droplets - result: I just love it. I want more water shots! hehe

Life giving water - Shot 1

Life giving water - Shot 2

Life giving water - Shot 3

There is always something beautiful in life. Use your imagination :)


posted by vedd, 11:59 AM


I loike the water shots!!

Yes haze is eerie..hopefully raya tak teruk la haze dia
commented by Anonymous Nina, 12:43 PM  
water drop yg no 3 tu (Y)...
Kena try jugak ni... :)
commented by Anonymous Abah, 7:57 PM  
nina: Thank you! Set! nanti minggu depan aku call :)

abah: Try jgn tak try hehe Kalo ko amik pakai D50 sure lagi cun.. Nikon entry level SLR susah nak compete dgn Canon nye entry level le... Terpaksa jugak la aku pilih EOS 400D hehehehe

*Tunggu orang nak hadiahkan aku EOS 400D :P*
commented by Blogger vedd, 12:50 AM  

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