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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Saturday, a bunch of geeks, a bunch of cameras..

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What do you get when you got a bunch of geeks with cameras and it was Saturday night? A one hell of an orgasm of photography shots! Hahahahahaha! That's what happen to me yesterday... and to the other mates who went for it hehehe. We've already planned about hanging out together and have a massive photo shoot orgy of everything hehehe and at last, after days passed by, trying to find an all-agreed day, we went for it.

Call 1-300-88-2525!

So we've agreed to meet up at our favourite spot - Plaza Low Yat at around 4:30PM but since it rained, tr00wa was the first to arrived followed by PJ and then me. Since it's getting near to buka puasa time, the three of us just decided to book a place for us. Originally, we've decided to have a go at the BB Nasik Ayam Hainan Chee Min but since one of us is kinda 'was was', so we've picked Pizza Hut BB. At around 6++++ PM, syscalls, gbam and bomba arrived.. Main table topic? No. It's not about which pizza toppings is the best. No. It's also not about which side order to get. No. It's not even about computer related stuff. YES. Cameras! Hahahaha... Geezz I've never thought we would be this geeky unless it's about IT stuffs. I guess people changed. And so does geeks. hehe.. Main attraction at that moment, syscalls' Nikon F80 film SLR and gbam's Nikon FM2 film SLR (Now this one is really one old school SLR camera) ... of course Powershot S3 will always be a topic to discuss hehe...

Old skewl FM2.

After a quick "buka puasa", went down for tobacco(ciggerettes) smoking session, a little "window shopping" and straight to our night shot location - KLCC. Now I've been there and back to KLCC for, God knows how many time I've been there to shoot, but I've not really done any real night shots in that place. And the fact that I'm going there with a bunch of close friends with the same intention and interest - priceless (and sweet too :D)

Bukit Bintang after "Buka Puasa"

So there we were, taking the first shot right after stepping out of the car, trying to compose our shots, finding the best angle possible, metering the exposure, finding the best shutter and aperture settings for the scene etc. etc. Haze was ever present, but this time, the haze also helped us, a bit that is, in making our night and long exposures. Gotta love it man! The fun, the joy, the thrill, the fear of being called as "poyo" carrying tripod-mounted cameras all around the KLCC park - what could I say, you've got to be there to get the feeling :D Totally Awesome! Couldn't be better if I might say :)

Asy-Syakirin KLCC Mosque

The Petronas Twin Towers KLCC

Human Silhouttes

KLCC Water show

Water Pipes of the KLCC's show pool.

The Two 'Dolphines' at KLCC

Calling it a day. Next - Titiwangsa!

Next week: Titiwangsa - Friday's night time scene! Really looking forward to it!

Bored with your usual daily activities? Find something totally different to do. Works the best when accomplished with a bunch of guys/grrlz who shares the same thing ;)

(Iklan Jap)

How do you call yourself a geek?

Q: Are you and your friends are geeks?
A: What do you think? Whenever we hang out, we definately go into the very technicalities of every subject that's being raised. Computers - it's not about fast processor, but rather on the frequencies of such processors. RAM - it's not about putting quantity in, but rather identifying which RAM has the matching frequencies of the MOB. Cameras - it's not about just taking pictures, it's about the technical capabilities of such cameras (off course the subject of how does it cost is always present) like fastest/slowest exposure value, aperture values, exposure compensations, CMOS, etc.etc.etc.

Q: Are you *really* a geek?
A: I find good programming skill is sexier than a half/full naked lady(at least in theory). I find having a data center in my house is sexier than a house full of super cars. I find owning something like Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II or Nikon D2X is damn cool than owning a Harley.

Q: Are you enjoying it?
A: That's Affirmative! Totally!

(Iklan Tamat)

How about you? Enjoying being who you are? If not, turn to the dark side and become a geek with a camera like us hehe.. No. Just be yourself and enjoy it. Sometimes, the smallest of things can make a humongous different. Question is, do you know how to appreciate it? I do, and I think my fellow geeks also do.

I think I should stop now. I'm making no sense. Titiwangsa, prepared to be shot at next week hehehe.

Our group 'orgasmic' photo shots is available here.


posted by vedd, 9:49 PM


I like the dolphins pic. There's a certain calm and stillness to it and the light source from behind the trees, beautiful.

I have a Canon 350D and now discovering the neat little tricks it can do :)
commented by Blogger Seeking Solace, 2:23 PM  
SS: Thanks! Wonders of using long exposures :)

350D is very good SLR :) Can't wait to get my hands on the Canon 400D.. *Sigh* When will I get my bonus... :)
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:11 PM  
Vedd, bila nak post ke photo.net?
commented by Blogger Matahari, 5:42 PM  
insyaallah jumaat ni aku join the titiwangsa session...
Nikon nak pukul keliling Canon.. :)

bawak tripod ek?...
commented by Anonymous Abah, 7:50 PM  
matahari: Aku rasa aku stick kat Flickr kot, lagipun aku dah upgrade ke pro account.. Malas le nak subscribe tempat lain.. Features Flickr aku suka hehe

abah: Buat masa ni ko menang la abah.. nko dah Nikon SLR, kiteorang semua Canon "ultra zoom" camera.. tapi tak pe.. tunggu Canon EOS 400D aku kluar hehe.. Lepas tu kite buat mini CTF hehehe

Tripod harus gitu.. nak main long exposure maa hehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 10:16 AM  
WTF is CTF?...
CFF aku tau la.. College Fuck Fest! :)
commented by Anonymous Abah, 12:51 PM  
abah: HAHAHAHAHA cam siut jek! Ko nih pose ke tak?

Anyway, CTF = Capture The Flag le.. set satu subject then tgk sape dapat capture the best :)
commented by Blogger vedd, 12:59 PM  
Pizza itu sunggoh melelehkan ayaq liuq aku!

commented by Anonymous Nina, 8:51 AM  
nanti aku dah ada camera aku join ko punya _dark_side_. Tapi geng2 ko accept nikonian clan tak? ;)
commented by Anonymous marjan, 6:53 PM  
marjan: haha bedal jek! nikon ke canon ke masing masing nye taste.. janji tangkap gambar :D
commented by Blogger vedd, 10:00 PM  

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