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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

A new place to call home

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just moved in to a new place. Still lacks Internet. Waiting for the line to come back. No updates. No uploads. Lots of picture in que. Just wait.

Canon EOS 400D? heh heh heh take a guess :)

A place to get stuffs :)

I love going to Ikea

You'll know when I get my Internet line back :D



posted by vedd, 5:27 PM


Nope, not 400d. Did my private investigator routine. You posted that on Flickr on the 23rd. The same day you said the 400d would be here in a few weeks.

Nice try! hahahaha

Congrats on the new place. Had to get a bigger place for the upcoming baby?
commented by Blogger Scott, 3:57 AM  
Take pics of your new home lah Vedd!

Plus, u pindah mana ek? Anywhere near?
commented by Anonymous Nina, 9:22 AM  
weih lama tak online?hehe..
commented by Blogger adlin, 6:56 PM  
Scott: hehe I've just got my 400D and it's just awesome experience (although needed some familiarization).. Yeah, had to rent a landed house to make it easier for the wife and coming baby (which is due anytime now).. The house that I bought will only be in completion somewhere Sept 2008

Nina: I'll take pictures of the new home when it is completed next year :) The one I've moved into is still in the same area - just a landed house.

adlin: Yeap.. this is what happen when you moved to a new place and dealing with TMNet *bump*
commented by Blogger vedd, 3:44 AM  

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