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Finally! I got the...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

... chance to go out on a photog outing and really toy around with the EOS 400D. Thanks to Ab4h for inviting me to one of his weddings coverage. Ipin was there too. The ceremony is done at Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque. Well, I think I need to get the 480 EX at the very least and a grey card for white balance. Those yellowish lights is affecting the preset white balance too much and had to resort to taking pictures in RAW format :) By the way, I don't have time to post process all the RAW files yet and will add it once I've got some free time to do so...

Bonded - Single RAW HDR convertion.

Young eyes (Non-HDR).

Previously, I was at the Curve again and did HDR again - only this time, it was taken using the EOS 400D. Doing HDR with it is waaayyy fun and more interesting compared with the PowerShot S3. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't compare a digital SLR with a point-and-shoot (even if it is an advance point-and-shoot hehe). Well more to come from the EOS 400D

The Curve, one golden evening. Playing with the Canon EOS 400D and HDR

Golden Hours in HDR at the Curve.

More photog outing to come :)


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posted by vedd, 9:34 PM


Pictures of The Curve are just gorgeous. Hot Papa is into phtography too but he is just starting. He doesn't have a camera. say, what kind of camera should he get if he is just starting out?

And keep clicking away. Your pics are just too good :)
commented by Blogger Frankensteina, 8:29 AM  
Vedd...i love that sarung cincin pic. Niceee...

That little girl's pic is also cantik. But nothing can beat HDR lah..it's like painting!

SLR rocks lahhh...cantik giler gambar2 banding ngan S3 hehehee
commented by Anonymous nina, 9:42 AM  
frankie: Thanks! Nice to know that your Hot Papa is into photography as well. As a starting point, get the super-zoom cameras like the Canon PowerShot S3 or Sony DSC-H5. It's a very versatile camera: (almost)wide angle right down to extreme tele-photo (12x optical zoom). But then, if you have the budget, you can right away get the entry level d-SLR.

nina: Hehe thanks nina. Yeap d-SLR sure rocks :) LV amacam? upgrade? Hahaha
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:17 PM  

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