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Living life at its best

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Life in HDR - I am an HDR junkie :-D

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yeap. I am an HDR junkie. Now with my new toy, my HDR experience is much more fun and "addictive" hehe. Now I have RAW to play with. But single RAW HDR convertion is a tad bit trickier though. You gotta correctly expose the shot you're taking. In other words, it gotta have perfect exposure or else it will not look that good - especially when you want to catch the dynamic range of the sky and clouds. You'll lost the dynamic details and it'll come out kinda flat. Be it directly converting RAW to HDR or converting the RAW files to JPEG first, it is still the same.

And unlike PowerShot S3 with the EVF (Electronic View Finder) and swiveling LCD that gives you a preview of shot before you take it, the optical view finder on the EOS 400D does not - since you are looking directly through the lense itself, it makes exposing a shot a bit trickier. Though the DOF preview does help, in a way. But once you got it right, you'll be wishing for more and more!

As usual, what is this post without HDR imaging. If you like my HDR stuff, please drop by at my FlickR space. I could use a constuctive comments on my photos :)

Another way of looking up Plaza Perangsang - 3 exposure HDR using Canon EOS 400D

Syscalls is pretty proud of his car in HDR - 3 long exposure at Putrajaya using Canon EOS 400D

Posing for the photographer - Single RAW HDR convertion at Masjid Wilayah using Canon EOS 400D.

One ring to bind them - Single RAW HDR at Masjid Wilayah using Canon EOS 400D.

Masjid Wilayah - 3 exposure HDR using Canon PowerShot S3

Masjid Wilayah - 3 exposure HDR using Canon PowerShot S3

Drop by at my FlickR for more HDR dose.


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posted by vedd, 5:54 AM


the first pic.....DA BOMB!!!
commented by Anonymous wan, 8:16 PM  
pictures well taken! i like...
commented by Blogger Farahz, 11:53 AM  
wan & farahz: Thank you :)
commented by Blogger vedd, 6:26 PM  
bila nak buat tutorial HDR nih oiiii
commented by Anonymous Abah, 10:50 AM  
abah: hehe sabar... aku tgh draft tutorial nih.. check le dalam 1-2 minggu lagi :)
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:43 PM  
vedd....i pun tak sabar nih tunggu tutorial u
commented by Anonymous wan, 1:49 PM  

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