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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Center of the universe

Thursday, May 31, 2007

What else is there to say when you have a new born kid. He is the center of our universe now :)

Relaxing on Grandpa's lap

Dad, can we go home now? I am sleepy...

I've not been taking pictures lately due to the busyness of life but next week will be different. I've got an engagement and a wedding to cover. Apologies for the lack of updates.


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posted by vedd, 2:47 AM


Wah Job lagi!!! Hebat hebat...

rider_R aka Ra][N aka Lord Vader
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:51 AM  
Awwww..so cute la yr baby boy..Arcckk! menguap tu tutup la mulut Wak Nga Jr..hehehehe
commented by Blogger Cosmic_GurL, 5:25 PM  
LV: hehe rezeki anak kot :)

cosmic_gurl: Tenkiup! hehe akan aku sampaikan pesan itu pada anak aku bila dia dah agak agak paham dgn ape yg aku cakap hehehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:07 AM  
dah besar ni, muka nampak macam ko plak la jep.. :)
commented by Anonymous abah, 2:02 AM  

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