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Living life at its best

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When the Sun sets...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lately I've been photographing sunsets... The sky, colors, clouds and the sun itself are beautiful elements that I just can't resist. Took this in Putrajaya, with Ab4h not too long ago :-) He has his own sets of Putrajaya sunset in HDR. And to Ab4h - Welcome to the world in HDR hahaha!

Blue dusk over Putrajaya

The Mosque

The sun was still up and shines over the mosque

People enjoying the scenery

The sun setting down in Putrajaya

More to come! By the way, I've discovered an awesome place right in Kota Damanrasa. It's scenery is just breathtaking and I can't help thinking that I was in Kenyir or Banding. It is just beautiful and I'll be posting it next.

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posted by vedd, 6:18 PM


Keep it up. You know I visit your site nearly everyday just to see what HDR photos you'll post next.
commented by Blogger KantaLensa, 10:07 PM  
I like the 2nd n last pics....sweet....oooo tak ajak ekkk...nyampah lar
commented by Anonymous The Queen, 9:42 AM  
kantalensa: Am honoured and flattered by your remarks. Thank you! Unfortunately, I'm a bit busy these days and my blog won't be that frequently updated. I would suggest you to visit my FlickR page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/vedd as I would likely to update the pictures there more often there than my blog.

the queen: Terima Kasih! Hehe bukan marjan kene balik kampung ke aritu? Last last pegi dgn abah jek hehe
commented by Blogger vedd, 3:49 PM  
ha ah lar lupa teman yob oiii....ater nyer dah tue pun.....i like ur hdr......u maintain the colour still real not too fake mcm cartoon....

this week nak cuba lar...nanti cikgu tolong check ekkk
commented by Anonymous The Queen, 10:27 PM  

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