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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Fun and Stress

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Let me elaborate. The fun part was that the past weeks was that I had a great time playing with my camera. From engagements to covering events (big thanks to Ipin for inviting me) and a few other interesting occasions (that I will probably let out the details in coming days). One thing I realize though, is that I really need a speed light, a 70-300mm zoom lens and off course, my most wanted list: 10-22mm ultra wide lens from your truly.

Now the stress part - work is currently not forgiving for the past 2 weeks. Major hiccups and glitches is really taking the toll. Coming to the office on my off days, starting the work earlier... well the list goes on. But I am glad to have a hobby which does not involve computers anymore, well at least when it is not post-processing time :-)

Here are some of the pictures that I manage to post. Mind you, I am running out of hard drive space - FAST! And there are still a lot of them yet to be processed.

Sunset in blue at Mutiara Damansara

At KLIA - those lines are making me dizzy!

Securities Commission - A different way of looking at it.

That babe from The SUN.

A Model at a recent product launching of a product from an international oil & gas company.

Big F*cking barrel!

London's Eye vs. Eye of Malaysia.

One fine morning at Titiwangsa.

I am so glad that I have another interest rather computers alone now.

posted by vedd, 8:59 AM


U were in SC?? Laaaaa...awat tak habaq? Im working on the 3rd floor la dude :P
commented by Blogger Cosmic_GurL, 1:39 PM  
cosmic_gurl: Tak sempat le bam. Was covering an event and by lunch had to leave for a training at the office. Next Time!
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:59 PM  
Love the 1st landscape. Didn't know that one can make Ikea/Tesco this good..
commented by Anonymous marjan, 10:08 PM  

Ape kata one day i ajak u pegi dating......treat u a nice dinner and u treat me a good leson and practical of hdr suma2 nih....haaa okay tak hehehe ur hdr superb lah
commented by Anonymous The Queen, 12:39 PM  
marjan & the queen: Thank you for the compliments :) I've posted a tutorial on this at my previous post -

But then, a nice dinner sounds tempting! hahaha
commented by Blogger vedd, 8:08 PM  
Love the Sunset in Blue!! Thanks for dropping by :)
commented by Blogger Naz Sunshine, 10:57 PM  
Wow...nice pixs. Always interested nak belajar pasal ambik gambar ni but don't have the gadget...cam hilang stress looking at all the pixs...great stuffs
commented by Blogger Red Raven, 10:09 PM  
naz: Thanks and the pleasure is mine :-)

red raven: There's always a start to something :) Yeah, one of the main reason of me taking photography as a hobby is to escape the mundane and stress of working infront of computers almost all the time hehe.. Thanks for dropping by!
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:45 PM  
Aaaaaaahhh awesome.....
commented by Blogger Frankensteina, 12:24 PM  
what camera did u use to take the pixs?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:29 AM  
frankie: Thanks :)

anonymous: Canon EOS 400D + 18-55m kit lens.
commented by Blogger vedd, 6:41 PM  

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