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Theme: People - of a rally and a wedding

Monday, December 03, 2007

25/11/07: I was to covered a wedding of a friend. Unfortunately, the wedding was held at Jalan Ampang - coincidently on the same day of the HINDRAF rally. Road was closed by the police. So what am I supposed to do? Shoot them :-) Off course after explaining to the authorities, I was allowed to pass through and cover the wedding.

Note: Please do not leave racial/political/discrimination comments and anything of the likes. My little corner in this cyber space is neutral. Comments of the above will be deleted.

Of a rally...

HINDRAF 25/11/07

HINDRAF 25/11/07

HINDRAF 25/11/07
Of a wedding (Congrats to Fairuz and Zue)

Fairuz & Zue


Zue in pink

Fairuz & Zue

Fairuz & Zue

All in a day's work :-)

P/s: I do take wedding jobs, if you would like to hire drop me an email at jhar74 [at] gmail [dot] com.


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posted by vedd, 5:17 PM


makin power editing skarang ek?..
buat kelas la.. :D
commented by Anonymous Abah, 10:04 AM  
testing testing jek bah hehehe... tak power lagi utk buat class kahkahkah
commented by Blogger vedd, 2:13 AM  

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