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Theme: Surfers & Skaters - Part One

Monday, January 28, 2008

I was at the Quicksilver Revolution 2.0, with Jibam, Ayul and Ipin. Many thanks to Ipin for his invitation. This is the first part of some photos that I manage to take - Surfers! More info can be found at Sunway Lagoon's website.

Ride 'Em

Surfs Up!


The second part will be from the Skate boarders Half-Pipe ramp. I'll update it soon.


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posted by vedd, 4:20 PM


Those are great action shots Vedd! Looks like it was one fun place to be. On the 3rd picture (WooooHooooo), how about a crop to catch that wonderful water spray?
commented by Blogger Scott Crouse, 11:20 PM  
Scott: Thanks mate! Yeap, it sure was :-) On the crop, yeah I get your point but I just want to make that shot seemed like a Quicksilver advert hehe.. But point taken mate!
commented by Blogger vedd, 2:16 AM  
An advert it definitely is! hahaha, It's still a great shot.
commented by Blogger Scott Crouse, 8:50 AM  

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