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Living life at its best

A geek's journal on things that did not matter the most.

Sometimes it's a surprise

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My previous entry regarding HINDRAF rally and a wedding gave me quite a shock. Well at least when I check the hit statistic that is...

WTF??!!! I thought Statcounter's DB has gone mad! Well, actually it's not. The sudden spike was due to the fact that MalaysiaKini.Com is linking my particular post at its website. (Off course this has been removed late this evening)

Ohh I'm not into poohlitics, nor am I aligning to some movement of the sort. Life is good and I just like to take photos. And I agree with my father-in-law - "Bukan susah nak jadi susah, bukan senang nak jadi senang" (Translate: "It's not hard to have a hard live, it's not easy to have a good life"). Go figure :-)


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posted by vedd, 1:52 AM


bila kita nak senang nak ambik gambar kat flat tu ..

yang tertunggu-tunggu,
marjan :)
commented by Anonymous marjan, 9:22 PM  
cuba ko buat story pasal kambing..
eg. boer, jamnapari ker..
hit ko sure banyak. :D

aku hari2 ada lebih 50 org search pasal kambing.. agaknya skarang musim ternak kambing kot..
commented by Anonymous Abah, 9:36 PM  
Marjan: ari tu ko lak tak dapat join.. Next time :-)

Abah: hehe bukan nak increase hit cuma terkejut tgk page hits aritu hehe... Tapi kalau kau nak gi tempat member kau tu cakap la boleh aku join kalau free :-)
commented by Blogger vedd, 9:40 PM  

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