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Living life at its best

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Theme: Surfers & Skaters - Part Two

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is the second part of the same previous theme.

I was at the Quicksilver Revolution 2.0, with Jibam, Ayul and Ipin. Many thanks to Ipin for his invitation. This is the first part of some photos that I manage to take - Skateboarding! More info can be found at Sunway Lagoon's website.

Flying high

Silver Surfer's successor

Touch down!

Before the drop

More pictures of the Quicksilver's event are available at my Flickr. On a side note, I had to put watermarks on these pictures. However, if you want to see the pictures without the watermarks, do proceed to my Flickr.


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posted by vedd, 2:00 AM


More nice shots Vedd! To bad about the watermarks. I've had to start using them as well ;-( Been lucky so far, haven't found any being ripped off or linked without permission.
commented by Blogger Scott Crouse, 8:49 AM  
Aha, the pesky watermarks ... I can understand why though vedd. These are fantastic - especially the top one.
commented by Blogger olivia, 9:57 AM  
Nice photos!
commented by Blogger SHOOTING STAR, 1:54 AM  
bila lah aku boleh jadik macam nie...
commented by Blogger marjan, 11:39 PM  
Scott & Olivia: Thanks mates! At first I didn't want to use any watermarks but then a friend of mine adviced me on doing so :-)

Shooting Star: Thanks!

Marjan: hehe practise make perfects bro!
commented by Blogger vedd, 7:15 PM  

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