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Friday, February 15, 2008

Pheww.. it's been a hectic week for me. A wedding covered during the weekends, and most of all is work since it's the time of the year where I need to submit my performance and evaluated by my peers. Anyway, Daniel was back in KL not long ago and this time around we were going around doing long exposures around Putrajaya.

Here some of the shots that I've posted at my Flickr.

Quoting Daniel - "Almost Monochromatic"

Sri Wawasan Bride

Glimpse of light

Sorry for not updating the blog for a while :-) OK.. Back to editing wedding pictures, since it pays quite a lot :D


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posted by vedd, 7:08 PM


Hi vedd.

I hear ya on the busy week. Been a crazy one here too ... :~)

These are just fantastic photos. The colour, the lines, the subjects themselves, and the reflections are superb. Your technique is really impressive.
commented by Blogger olivia, 8:32 AM  
The shots you and Daniel took are just great! I'm a sucker for night work, impressive.
commented by Blogger Scott Crouse, 9:05 AM  
olivia: Thanks Olivia! It is a hectic week. Thank God that the performance evalution has finished and now I'm stucked with hundreds of wedding pictures just waiting to be edited hehe... talk about mundane but it helps grow my little piggy bank for some lens haha

Scott: Hey there buddy! I think it's because Daniel's "aura" infected me a bit hehehe... it was a perfect night... too bad that Daniel's tripod was broken
commented by Blogger vedd, 5:03 AM  
commented by Blogger Rainman, 4:16 AM  

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