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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Woaahh... it's been a while since my last update. Well, it wasn't intentional. I found myself somewhat less inspired - thanks to the hazy and rainstorm that occurs almost everyday! It's a really killing my mood of getting that shot of the day!

But when a fellow flickr buddy and a great photographer, Daniel, was in town again, it boosted my enthusiasm again! So, what were we shooting? As the theme suggested - an abandoned house. I've located this particular old and creepy (eerie to be exact) at the outskirts of KL, and said to myself this place is perfect for us! So, on that day, meself, Daniel, Ariffin, Rocket, Ayul and Mr. Nordin head to that creepy place and within minutes, everyone was shooting away!

Forgotten Throne

Interview with the TV

More pictures to come on Part Two! More picture can also be viewed at my Flickr Site.


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posted by vedd, 9:51 PM


Hey Vedd. Glad to hear your getting more inspired. It's tough when the weather is bad. Love seeing the work you do with Daniel and the boys.

I'm in Bermuda right now but laying low as it's been blowing a gale here the past 3 days and is going to effect us for a few days yet. Not a nice time of year to be in Bermuda but needed to come down for 3 weeks to help a friend out. Despite the weather it has be inspired to get out shooting.

Have a good one and keep those shots coming, enjoying them!
commented by Blogger Scott Crouse, 7:30 AM  
Thanks for finding such a great place bro! This was an excellent shooting day, followed by excellent local food! I will surely miss you guys when I leave Asia.
commented by Blogger Daniel, 9:20 AM  
Scott: Yeap it is tough! It was all sunny in the noons but comes evening - rained everywhere :-) There's numerous time where I've packed my camera bag only to be disappointed later in the evening!

The same goes to you mate! Your Bermuda shots are real killers!

Daniel: You caught me by surprise bro by leaving a comment at my blog! Yeah it was a great day and I think it's your "aura" that made the day better here! hehe

We'll surely miss you too bro and all the best migrating to your new location! We'll keep in touch definitely ;-)
commented by Blogger vedd, 1:10 AM  
Hang tak mau ajak aku sekali ke? Bukit apa cerita?

He he...

- Lord Vader
- 28-135 enough la
- http://www.photoblog.com/djthormented
- I need batteries...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:41 PM  

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