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Monday, March 24, 2008

A continuation from the previous post during Daniel's visit to KL. There were a lot of interesting subjects in that particular abandoned house. I think I'm gonna re-visit it in the morning and hope there will some rays of light poking through into the house sometime soon!

Royal Flush

Human Relief Center

Rocket's Ride


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posted by vedd, 4:04 PM


wow...where is this place? i especially like the relief centre heehhe..

did u guys lit the candles or did other people before you? eerie man. i would love to visit this place!
commented by Anonymous nina, 2:58 PM  
Wei Friday on.

Aku dah dpt tripod nih dah mula kan cheong.

- Lord Vader
- Aku nak lense!!!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:05 PM  
Nice effect. I have never seen a toilet turned to art. COOL;-)

commented by Blogger SHOOTING STAR, 12:13 PM  
Very kewl vedd! Love the colours.
commented by Blogger olivia, 7:07 AM  
Thanks dear friends! I do have to apologize for the lack of updates - been spending too much time on FlickR! I'll try to keep up here whenever I can :-)
commented by Blogger vedd, 12:44 PM  

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