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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Had a lovely time going out with great friends last week. Off course it was a photography outing! I was with Daniel, Ariffin and awe2020 taking photos around the As-Syakirin Mosque in the KLCC park. We also did went to Putrajaya for some night shots together. This time around it was kinda special for me - I got myself the lens that I was dreaming about, the Canon EF-S 10-22mm! Wide has a new meaning with this lens, seriously! Couldn't be happier hehe.. All these were shot using the 10-22mm super wide lens.

Intricate Lines

That Venus Fly Trap in Putrajaya

KLCC 07:37PM

Standing Tall

Well, Daniel is here again KL. Let's see what we can think of next :-)


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posted by vedd, 12:23 PM


Congrats on the new lens. The night shots really great. I really need to learn how to take night shots like these, especially the settings for the long exposure and the HDR processing.
commented by Blogger KantaLensa, 8:22 PM  
kantalensa: Thanks my friend! Yeap, night shots can be quite tricky but for HDR it is pretty much straight forward, I used this method - spot/partial metering on the bright areas, compensate about +1/2 to +1 stop and start the AEB at +/- 2... Should be decent enough :-)
commented by Blogger vedd, 8:08 PM  

commented by Blogger SHOOTING STAR, 6:28 AM  
Wow vedd! Those are stunning! The lines are so straight and the colours ... fantastic work ... :)
commented by Blogger olivia, 7:40 PM  

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